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The best new water toys to look out for in 2022

14 February 2022

The superyacht industry is still going through a golden age in terms of onboard toys, with the rise of technology helping owners explore the waters in so many weird and wonderful ways. BOAT rounds up the top must-have new water toys for 2022...


Dutch submersible manufacturer, U Boat Worx has launched a new two-man luxury submersible capable of diving down to 100m. Weighing just 2,500 kilograms, the NEMO 2, is one of the lightest submersibles on the market and takes up no more space than a pair of jet-skis in the tender garage, making for slick launch and recovery operations. With a simplistic drive system, consisting primarily of a joystick and depth control, the NEMO 2 is designed to be piloted by the owner after a short training course at the U Boat Worx base at the Sub Centre Curacao.

Tiwal 2L Sailing Dinghy

The new 3.3-metre dinghy from Tiwal combines a rigid inflatable V-shaped hull with a full furling sail. It stows away compactly, making it a great choice for boats where toy storage is at a premium – yet it only takes 15 minutes to launch when you’re ready to set sail.

Bote ZeppelinAero 10' Kayak

When you want to set off alone to explore a beautiful bay, look no further than the Zeppelin Aero 10'. Featuring the brand’s AeroBOTE technology for utmost performance and stability, this inflatable kayak features a self-draining cockpit, a comfortable seat and plenty of room for storing a drinks cooler  or fishing rods.

Seabob F5 SR

The most powerful Seabob yet, the F5 SR packs a punch, propelled by a force of 745 newtons – that’s 265 more than the standard F5. It’s also more eco-friendly, thanks to an emissions-free E-Jet Power System. The F5 SR boasts improved handling, while an HD camera in the nose allows you to capture video footage as you glide underwater.

YuJet Surfer

Surf’s up no matter where you drop anchor with the YuJet Surfer. Built in carbon fibre, the lithium-ion-battery-powered jetboard has a 26-kilometre range. With the wireless remote control, you can toggle between two modes, and hit a top speed of 39km/h.

F-One Rocket Air 2021

Want a foiling board that can do it all? F-One’s Rocket Air range offers multi-tasking boards that can all be used for surf-foiling, SUP-foiling, wing-foiling, wind-foiling or kite-foiling. It’s ultra-lightweight for fast flying, and made from a high-grade dropstitch material for balance and control.

Blu3 Nomad

Think scuba diving without the cumbersome kit, and you have what Blu3 offers. This new battery-powered air-supply buoy lets you explore beneath the waves down to nine metres without a traditional aqualung. Incredibly simple to use, the tankless system pushes compressed air along a 12-metre tube for up to 60 minutes. How does it work? A sensor records the movement of a silicone diaphragm inside the smart regulator, then sends a signal to the pump that delivers more air at precisely the right time.

Onean Carver X

This new jet board is all about power. Designed to have two jets and two batteries, the Carver X is twice as powerful as its sibling, the Carver Twin. This also means it's the option for riders weighing more than 100 kilograms who want to reach planing speed in any conditions. Expect to get 40 minutes of drive out of the batteries, and you can also choose from five power levels as well as control the pressure settings to make this board drive how you want it to. Max speed is 45km/h.

Narke Electrojet

If you want a jet ski, there is no reason why you wouldn’t choose a pollution-free, noise-free option such as those from Narke. The Electrojet is a four-metre carbon-fibre jet ski with an ample swim platform and 71kW of power. Equivalent to 95 horsepower, you should expect to hit speeds of up to 40 knots while bombing around on the waves for about two hours between charges. It takes just 90 minutes to recharge and can carry up to three passengers. It’s so popular that this model has now sold out, but Narke is working on a new model and taking orders now.

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