Based in Istanbul, Bilgin Yachts builds 50 to 120-metre superyachts utilising different facilities, from furniture to stainless steel, within the shipyard.


Established on the shores of Bosphorus in 1929, Bilgin Shipyard has remained in the hands of the same family through five generations. Bilgin’s innovative yacht-building technique incorporates the use of stainless steel, while the important number of the launched yachts are made in steel-aluminium structure. Burma teak obtained from sustainable sources is used for all external deck areas. Today Bilgin, with its 500+ highly-skilled craftsmen contributing a high percentage of the work in-house, operates in four facilities covering more than 60,000sqm areas comprising manufacturing areas, a state-of-the-art marine furniture factory, a comprehensive mechanic, hydraulic, stainless-steel and upholstery workshop.

Bilgin has expanded the production capacity in 2022. Currently in Yalova, the shipyard is able to accommodate five projects (two units of 85-120 m yachts and three units of 50-65m yachts) simultaneously. And in Istanbul, Bilgin`s outfitting capacity is five projects (three units of 70-90m yachts and two units of 50-65m yachts) simultaneously, with outfitting teams such as electrical, piping, mechanical, interior, fairing and painting teams working closely until the project is ready for launch.

Notable Yachts

In 2012, Bilgin launched its largest yacht to date, the 48.7-metre Bilgin Classic 160. Combining retro exterior styling with contemporary engineering, systems and equipment, this superyacht represents the best of both worlds. A comfortable, full-displacement cruiser, she accommodates 12 guests in six staterooms onboard.

The 45-metre superyacht Elada, launched by Bilgin in 2014, has an instantly recognisable profile thanks to her distinctive reverse bow. With the launch of 51.8 custom motor yacht Dusur in 2015, Bilgin Yacht was no longer a boutique company, but an internationally recognized superyacht builder from Turkey. Both yachts are the results of the meticulous work of H2 Yacht Design.

Bilgin Yachts' experience in shipbuilding was recognized globally when the shipyard delivered the 46.80-metre Bilgin 155 (Giaola-Lu) in 2016. This success was followed later by 48m Nerissa and Lilium. And in 2021, Bilgin was listed 12th among the top 20 builders in the Global Order Book of BOAT International Media with its five projects with a total length of 392 metres.

After being a member of SYBAss in 2019, the shipyard made her mark by launching the 80-metre superyacht Tatiana a year after. Built in 2020 with the cutting edge technologies, the 80m Tatiana is one of the flagship of Bilgin Yachts, while considered as the largest private superyacht built in Turkey so far. Designed in collaboration with the Unique Yacht Design and H2 Yacht Design, Tatiana is also an eco-friendly yacht, being able to cruise in her eco-friendly mode at 12 knots, only consuming 250 litres of fuel and to accommodate 16 guests in eight spacious cabins including an owner’s deck.

As one of the leading players of the world’s yachting sector, Bilgin Yachts currently has two units of on-spec 50m 163 series (technical launch in 2022), another on-spec project 74m Bilgin 243 (to be delivered in 2024), two other units of 80-metre project (both are already sold and are to be delivered in 2022 and 2023) Bilgin 263 as well as a 85-metre yacht coming up.


Bilgin Yachts offers a series of pre-designed full custom superyacht models in steel and aluminium from 50 to 120 metres, but is willing to customise its new yachts to suit individual owners’ needs and desires. Bilgin also offers to the yacht owners to bring their yachts for a regular inspection, a refit process and winterization. During recent years, the builder has represented the Turkish market with the projects under construction in the annual Global Order Book.

Bilgin   80 m •  2024
Bilgin   80 m •  2021
Bilgin   80 m •  2023
Bilgin   74 m •  2026
Bilgin   52 m •  2025
Bilgin   51.8 m •  2015
Bilgin   50 m •  2024
Bilgin   50 m •  2024
Bilgin   48.7 m •  2012
Bilgin   48.7 m •  2015
Bilgin   47.5 m •  2019
Bilgin   47.5 m •  2017
Bilgin   46.8 m •  2016
Bilgin   45 m •  2015
Bilgin   44.88 m •  2011
Bilgin   41.86 m •  2023
Bilgin   40 m •  2012
Bilgin   39 m •  2010
Bilgin   37.5 m •  2010
Bilgin   37.4 m •  2010
Bilgin   36.58 m •  2006
Bilgin   34.9 m •  2007
Bilgin   33.4 m •  2010
Bilgin   33.3 m •  2008
Bilgin   33.3 m •  2006
Bilgin   32.49 m •  2006
Bilgin   31.5 m •  2007
Bilgin   29.5 m •  2002
Bilgin   29.5 m •  2007
Bilgin   29.5 m •  2006
Bilgin   24.99 m •  2001