Blohm & Voss

Well into its second century as a major German shipyard, Blohm & Voss builds some of the largest and most recognised superyachts in the world.


Naval Engineer Hermann Blohm and mechanical engineer Ernst Voss founded the shipyard together in 1877, on the island of Kuhwerder near Hamburg, with the goal of building iron steamships. Even then, Blohm & Voss thought big, creating building berths long enough to accommodate ships of up to 100 metres in length. In addition to building steamships, the shipyard launched sailing ships, warships, and also passenger liners such as the Europa, which won the Blue Riband in 1930 for its record transatlantic passage, averaging 27.90 knots.

During the early 20th century, Blohm & Voss also built luxury yachts for royalty and wealthy socialites, including the 124-metre superyacht Savarona, delivered to American heiress Mrs. Callawader in 1931. Savarona later became the Turkish Presidential yacht. The shipyard also built the German battleship Bismark, which was sunk in 1941.

In 2005, Blohm & Voss was acquired by German industrial giant ThyssenKrupp AG. In 2012, ThyssenKrupp sold the shipyard’s civilian operations to London-based private equity firm Star Capital, retaining its military business. Under Star Capital, Blohm & Voss’ focus is on building custom superyachts.

Notable Yachts

The 119-metre superyacht simply known as “A” is one of Blohm & Voss’ best known launches. Designed by Philippe Starck and delivered in 2008, she has an unmistakable profile featuring a dramatic reverse bow.

In 2010, the shipyard launched the 162.5-metre Eclipse, designed by Terence Disdale design for Russian billionaire (and “serial” yacht owner) Roman Abramovich. She was the largest privately owned superyacht in the world until being “eclipsed” herself by a longer yacht a couple of years later.


Blohm & Voss builds oceangoing custom superyachts in steel and aluminium, working with some of the world’s most famous yacht designers. It also offers naval architecture and engineering, project development, refit services and yacht management.

Yachts For Sale

YACHTS BY Blohm & Voss


Blohm & Voss   162.5 m  2010


Platinum   162 m  2006


Blohm & Voss   135.94 m  1931


Blohm & Voss   119 m  2008


Blohm & Voss   104.85 m  1990


Blohm & Voss   96 m  2010


Blohm & Voss   93.25 m  2008


Blohm & Voss   82 m  2014


Blohm & Voss   80.15 m  1990


Blohm & Voss   74.5 m  1991


Blohm & Voss   65.23 m  1987