Evadne Yachts

Evadne believes that the freedom and comfort felt while travelling at sea are defined by the strength of the vessel. The firm builds only metal yachts with ship-grade configurations, including the iconic ROCK series inspired by stone and auto.

With their yachting heritage and industry knowledge, the company’s leaders have teamed up with great designers, naval architects and top industry partners to ensure Evadne stays at the forefront of the next generation of yacht building. Evadne employs and supports incredibly talented hands craftsmen and young engineers to build vessels that can complete tens of thousands of nautical miles with an outstanding track record. 

Evadne Yachts   37 m •  2007
Evadne Yachts   36 m •  2009
Evadne Yachts   25 m •  2018
Evadne Yachts   25 m •  2020
Evadne Yachts   25 m •  2022