Focus Yacht Design


Superyacht deisgners Focus Yacht Design are a relatively new name in custom yacht design, with the company being formed in 2007 in Bremen, Germany. The original team comprised a varied set of skills with backgrounds in architecture, design and advertising who came together to form Focus Yacht Design after finding a shared passion for yacht design.

Since 2007, Focus Yacht Design has worked both on yacht exterior styling and interior design, applying the broad knowledge of the studio’s background to conceive designs that are considered from inside to outside, and outside to inside as a whole. As a result, Focus claims its designs ‘deliberately depart from traditional routes and routines’.

Notable yachts

While still a relatively young company, Focus Yacht Design superyachts include some significant projects such as the exterior styling of 73 metre Nobiskrug superyachts Plan B and Odessa II, the 24 metre Drettmann Explorer 24, and the interior design of serial megayacht owner John Staluppi’s 68 metre Project Skyfall in build at Sunrise Yachts in Turkey.


Rather than just focusing on yacht interior design or exterior styling as an isolated discipline, Focus Yacht Design prefers to take a holistic approach to superyacht design, considering not only the interior’s connection to the exterior but also considering the engineering and technical aspects as well as overall design functionality.

Nobiskrug   73.07 m •  2013
HDW-Kiel   73.07 m •  2012
Custom   70.35 m •  2025
Abeking & Rasmussen   68.2 m •  2020
Sunrise   63.1 m •  2015
Amels   55 m •  2013
Acico Yachts   30 m •  2016