Lazzara Yachts

Lazzara Yachts has seen three generations of the Lazzara family design and build semi-custom, composite luxury yachts and superyachts in Tampa, Florida.


Founded in 1956 by Vince Lazzara, the shipyard builds contemporary luxury yachts conceived by an in-house team led by design director Joey Lazzara. Vince built Lazzara Yachts’ first large fiberglass sailing yacht, and followed her with several successful sailing yacht ventures, SeaRover houseboats, and the popular Gulfstar motorsailers and trawlers, which later merged with Viking Yachts.

In 1991, Dick and Brad Lazzara created Lazzara Yacht Corporation. After two years, the first Lazzara 23.75-metre yacht was introduced.

Notable Yachts

Some of the shipyard’s most successful models include the Lazzara LSX75, Lazzara LSX Quad 78, Lazzara 80, and Lazzara LSX 92. The shipyard’s largest launch is the Lazzara 116 superyacht.


The shipyard has developed its Integrated Ships Information System (ISIS), a monitoring program that analyses all the information provided by the yacht’s operating systems. ISIS is offered as standard technology in all Lazzara luxury yachts.

Lazzara believes the best way to ensure their owners time aboard their yachts is safe is accomplished through education. Superyacht buyers learn all they need to know about their new vessel by attending Lazzara Yachts University. The three-day course takes place before the luxury yacht is delivered. It ensures the owners and/or their captains understand how the yacht was built and operates.