McMullen & Wing

Luxury yacht builder McMullen & Wing’s five construction sheds are housed in four separate buildings in Auckland, New Zealand, along with engineering, electrical and joinery workshops. Combined with the design office and administration block, the luxury yacht builder has facilities to accommodate projects large and small. Because all facilities are on the same site, communication is efficient and clients can observe their entire project.


In 1969 McMullen & Wing was founded, building steel hull boats at the current location on the Tamaki River in Auckland. Founders Chris McMullen and Eric Wing set the standards and enthusiasm that remain today.

Notable Launches

The 24-metre Day Money advanced composite sportfishing boat was built in 1999. It was the first of four sportfishing yachts built by McMullen & Wing for Garlington Landeweer. In 2001 the 35-metre Surprise, a steel/aluminium expedition motor yacht, was built to a design by Ward Setzer for Pacific cruising. In 2010 the 45-metre Big Fish steel/aluminium luxury expedition motor yacht was launched, and is one of the world’s most successful luxury charter yachts.


McMullen & Wing builds luxury yachts in advanced composite, aluminium and steel. The company uses traditional methods combined with the latest technology to push the envelope on yacht construction.

McMullen & Wing   49.81 m •  2016
McMullen & Wing   45 m •  2010
McMullen & Wing   42.28 m •  2003
McMullen & Wing   37.56 m •  2007
McMullen & Wing   35 m •  2001
McMullen & Wing   34.17 m •  2003
McMullen & Wing   25.48 m •  2005
McMullen & Wing   24.38 m •  2000
Garlington   24.38 m •  1999
McMullen & Wing   24.38 m •  2004
McMullen & Wing   24.23 m •  1993
McMullen & Wing   24.23 m •  1994