Ocean Alexander

Taiwanese boat builder Ocean Alexander manufactures motor yachts from 21.9 to 30.5 metres and superyachts from 34.2 to 47.2 metres in aluminium, steel and composite. Based in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, the company operates facilities in Taiwan and the U.S.

History of Ocean Alexander Yachts

Luxury yacht builder Ocean Alexander traces its start to 1977 when entrepreneur Alex Chueh inherited the seeds of the company from a friend who couldn’t repay a loan Chueh had arranged for him. The friend asked Chueh to take the shipyard as payment instead. Chueh soon met boat designer Ed Monk Jr., and Ocean Alexander was born. In 1978, the company delivered its first vessel, a 50-foot fibreglass motor yacht designed by Monk. Johnny Chueh, son of the founder, took over leadership of the company in 2000.

Notable Ocean Alexander Yachts

In 2014, Ocean Alexander (OA) debuted its 100 Motoryacht at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. Designed by Evan K. Marshall, the 100 was a logical “next step” after the popular OA 90 model.

In 2014, OA’s 34.1M (112) motor yacht was shortlisted in the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2015. The OA 112 Tri-Level is in competition for the Yacht Concept up to 40m Award.

Specialisations of Ocean Alexander

Luxury yacht builder Ocean Alexander relies on state-of-the-art 3D modelling to engineer their yachts. The shipyard uses aluminium I-beams in yacht manufacturing as well as carbon fibre material where extreme strength is required. In the engine room, high-tech sound insulation is used to minimise engine noise. Engines are bolted to bases of stainless-steel. Sophisticated vibration isolation provides unsurpassed quiet and comfort.

OA 78013

Ocean Alexander   24.25 m •  2009

OA 78008

Ocean Alexander   24.25 m •  2007


Ocean Alexander   24.25 m •  2012


Ocean Alexander   24.25 m •  2015


Ocean Alexander   24.25 m •  2013


Ocean Alexander   24.25 m •  2010


Ocean Alexander   24.25 m •  2011


Ocean Alexander   24.25 m •  2014

OA 78007

Ocean Alexander   24.25 m •  2006

OA 78006

Ocean Alexander   24.25 m •  2006


Ocean Alexander   24.25 m •  2009

OA 78011

Ocean Alexander   24.25 m •  2008


Ocean Alexander   24.25 m •  2012


Ocean Alexander   24.25 m •  2010


Ocean Alexander   24.25 m •  2010