Tansu Yachts

Turkish yard Tansu Yachts specialises in the design and build of custom yachts and is led by yacht designer Riza Tansu, who trained as an industrial designer. Tansu Yachts are easily recognisable for their spartan, often militaristic exterior styling that puts a focus on function with vast outdoor deck spaces.

History of Tansu Yachts

Tansu Yachts have been building yachts since 1996 and have delivered 12 superyachts to date. The builder’s production is purposefully small, with only one or two boats built at a time, allowing the yard to focus on quality. Tansu Yachts’ Istanbul offices are home to six industrial designers, but the yacht builder has had a long-standing relationship with naval architect Diana Yacht Design.

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Notable Tansu Superyachts

Launched in 2011, the 36.4m luxury yacht Nomade (now Bartender) set the bar for Tansu’s hallmark styling: wide, open deck spaces and minimalistic, beach house interiors. Nomade was nominated for both exterior and interior categories in the ShowBoats Design Awards 2012 and won the Interior Design Award – Displacement Yachts 30-59.99m, with the judges complimenting her “less is more” styling.

The next award-winning creation from custom yacht builder Tansu Yachts was 33.9m Only Now, which won a World Superyacht Award in 2013.

Nomade went on to inspire the design of 37.9m Tansu luxury yacht So’Mar, launched in 2014, which notably is built of wood composite.

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Specialisations of Tansu Yachts

Tansu Yachts is adept in the construction of both steel and aluminium yachts, as well as cold-moulded wood construction. Tansu Yachts puts a priority on using a high standard of materials and components and doing full interior mock-ups before build. Riza Tansu continues to emphasise the cost in savings when building in Turkey.

YACHTS BY Tansu Yachts


44.04 m  2021


43.7 m  2017


39.3 m  2016


39.1 m  2017


39 m  2019


38.75 m  2014


38.4 m  2017


37.92 m  2014


36.4 m  2011


35.2 m  2010


34.61 m  2021


33.9 m  2012