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Inside the adventures of superyacht owners around the world

10 May 2023 • Written by Grace Trofa

Every month, owners from around the world tell us what they have been up to, where they have been cruising and what is next on the itinerary for their beloved vessels...

Ed Kane

Yacht: Bolero
Year: 1949
Location: The Bahamas

Tell us about some of your memorable yachting adventures

I have always had a tendency to sail to places where I did not belong. This would include transiting off the coast of France in the Mediterranean when the French Navy wanted to test an Exocet missile. I was at the helm when a French military aircraft flew several feet above the mast rocking its wings, and called on channel 16 to divert us 80 kilometres away. Sailing to Cuba was high on my list and another sailing boat I owned managed to slip in and out of Marina Hemingway near Havana with me aboard during a rather brief interlude of otherwise nasty relations. Ducking into a harbour in Labrador after dodging massive icebergs, growlers and bergy bits while voyaging at night might not have represented my best judgment either!

Your proudest moment?

Perhaps attempting to get to a dock when my draught exceeded the depth of the entrance channel. For example, the channel into the harbour at Ocean Reef in Key Largo is 2.4 metres. Bolero draws three metres so clearly this would represent a challenge. However, my extremely resourceful captain, Casey, devised a plan to fill our dinghy with water, tie a line to the end of the boom, swing the boom all the way out 90 degrees, hoist up the dinghy and heel Bolero over to gain additional clearance. It worked and we were able to hold a New York Yacht Club event aboard Bolero on the Ocean Reef dock


Where have you been more recently?

A place that I always wanted to go was Walker’s Cay in the Bahamas. It is the northernmost harbour in the Abacos, and frankly not really on the way to anything. I sailed various boats to almost every island in the Bahamas as well as the Turks and Caicos, but somehow never made it to Walker’s

What had you heard about it?

The few people that had visited said that I would not be able to get Bolero into the dock and that I should anchor three kilometres out and take the dinghy in. With our heel-the-boat-over technique, I was confident we could make it in. So we set sail from Palm Beach in late March to tempt fate. An overnight sail across the Gulf Stream with a gentle southwest breeze was delightful, and we rounded Matanilla Shoal in early daylight. We anchored two miles from Walker’s Cay in order to sound our way in by dinghy. It was slightly after mid-tide. As we approached the channel we were pleasantly surprised to find that the water was well marked and even more pleasantly surprised to learn that the least depth on the way in was 3.4 metres. I was slightly disappointed when I realised that our heeling system was not needed. After waiting for a little more tide, we slowly motored Bolero into the harbour and tied up at what are the best and most modern docks in the Bahamas

Would you recommend the trip?

Absolutely. What the owner of the island, Carl Allen, has achieved is very special. The channel is well dredged and he has constructed an excellent breakwater. To any owner of a sailing boat drawing three metres or less,  I would recommend setting sail

Charlotte Devereux and Simon Greenwood

Yacht: Sea Breeze III
Length: 30.8m
Year: 1976
Location: Auckland

Charlotte Devereux and Simon Greenwood

How has the weather been in New Zealand? We haven’t heard great things

The weather has been challenging this summer with storms and terrible flooding. However, despite all this, we have managed to have some fantastic days on board. In fact, it’s during these times that we really appreciate the comfort and safety of our boat, which has allowed us to continue exploring and enjoying our time on the water.  The bad weather has encouraged us to explore new locations with more favourable anchorages, which has been a great adventure for us. The weather has naturally meant a reduction in charters, but that’s allowed us to spend even more time on board as a family

Which is your favourite place to cruise in New Zealand?

The Bay of Islands because it offers so many magical anchorages and special spots to explore. Many of our friends head there over our Christmas summer holidays so it is a great place to catch up with mates, go boat-hopping and have gorgeous long lunches! We’ve spent many wonderful days exploring the area, and we always discover something new and exciting each time we visit

Do you plan to take Sea Breeze into the Pacific?

Absolutely! We have considered taking Sea Breeze to Fiji, which is a beautiful destination with clear waters and plenty of opportunities for adventure. It would be a great experience to explore the islands and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. We have been told the Lollypop Islands are incredible and a very special paradise that is not
a busy tourist destination as it’s hard to reach.
A dream spot for a superyacht!

How is Sea Breeze looking and running a few years after the refit?

She is looking and running incredibly well. Her Detroit engines are reliable, and she runs like a dream. We’ve taken great care and love to maintain her and spent many hours personally sanding and varnishing all her beautiful woodwork. We’ve had many compliments on the craftsmanship of our gorgeous girl, and we are proud to have restored such a classic and elegant vessel

Charlotte Devereux and Simon Greenwood

Why have you decided to sell?

We have some exciting new projects in the pipeline, so we are going to concentrate on our new venture and spend time on our gorgeous family boat, Turakina, which was built by my uncle in 1949. She is a double-skin kauri ketch – another classic beauty, although considerably smaller! We have such magical memories of Sea Breeze and the adventures we have had on board, but it is time for us to start a new chapter in our boating journey

What is your most cherished memory from owning her?

When we took Sea Breeze on a trip before the refit. It was just my brother, his partner, Simon, and myself. We sat out on the bow with drinks in our hands, as the water glistened and dolphins swam with us on the way to the Bay of Islands. It was a magical moment that we will never forget – a time of pure joy and relaxation. Experiences like these are what make owning a boat truly incredible

Where would you like to see the yacht end up?

We think Sea Breeze would be a perfect Sydney Harbour charter boat for the Australian summer and then maybe she could head to the Whitsundays off Queensland for the winter either to charter or for owner time on board. We have always felt that she would be a great yacht for someone who loves classic vessels and appreciates artisanship.  We would love to see her end up with someone who will take good care of her and enjoy her as much as we have. In fact, thinking about it, we might need to reconsider. Maybe we’re not quite ready to say goodbye to our girl just yet!

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