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Inside the adventures of superyacht owners around the world

14 December 2021• Written by Grace Trofa

Every month, superyacht owners reveal where they are in the world, how they're dealing with Covid-related disruption and share their future plans.

Tim Ciasulli

Superyacht Rebeca
Credit: Benetti

Yacht Rebeca

Length 40m

Year 2020

Location Fort Lauderdale

Congratulations on your win at the World Superyacht Awards!

Thank you. Winning the award was, in a word, cathartic. It gave me psychological relief knowing that others loved this design departure from a classic yacht as much as I do!

How did you enjoy the ceremony?

The night was surreal! The entertainment and presentations were wonderful, and the venue was the best I’ve ever been to. When the entire roof silently rotated open, and we sat under the stars in the Monte Carlo sky, it was a magical moment.

The owner of Rebeca has been cruising around the Mediterranean.
Image credit: Adobe Stock

Would you change anything on the boat now that you’ve spent so much time aboard?

I used to be guilty of succumbing to the “five foot a year disease” and now that has progressed to the < 500GT disease. It appears we are running out of room for all the toys we have acquired.

How is the aft deck working out?

The aft deck is wizardry for our active outdoor lifestyle. Everyone looks forward to the next opportunity to commune with the water that this design encourages.

Where did you cruise to in 2021 – any highlights?

We covered 4,000 nautical miles in Rebeca, cruising from Rome to Capri, the Amalfi Coast, Sicily, Puglia, Croatia, Montenegro, several Greek islands, Monte Carlo, Cannes, Saint-Tropez, Menorca, Mallorca, Ibiza, Formentera, Sardinia and several stops in Corsica. The highlight was when we realised we only scratched the surface as the Mediterranean is blessed with a plethora of stunningly beautiful, very different places to visit by boat. I could spend several decades exploring.

Bobby Genovese

Superyacht BG Charade.
Credit: Bobby Genovese

Yacht BG Charade

Length 46.6m

Year 1990

Location Thailand

When was the last time you saw the boat?

It will be coming up to two and a half years, thanks to Covid. It’s like not being able to see your child, but still having to send money every month like they’re in college! You have no idea how they’re doing or what they’re looking like – you just get more and more requests for cash...

Did you get any work done while the boat was stuck?

We did, and spent around $5 million to $6 million on her, so she should be looking good. Everything’s been repainted, reupholstered and there’s brand-new wiring, new lighting, new pumps and new generators etc. We’ve seen photos, but honestly we won’t know until we’re on board. But then we weren’t able to get a Lloyd’s surveyor on board as they would have to quarantine for two weeks on arrival and Lloyd’s wouldn’t do that. Then we found a surveyor in Bangkok and hope to move the boat there to get checked out. Getting parts for the refit during a pandemic, meanwhile, was interesting! I know all about supply chain issues. Frankly, it’s been a nightmare.

BG Charade is currently in Thailand.
Image credit: Adobe Stock

If all goes to plan and you can link up with the boat, what then?

If we get the green light to go to Bangkok, she’ll immediately go there and get lifted. The bottom needs to be done and all the shafts and seals need to be checked so the boat will be out of the water for a few months. Then we’re looking to join the boat in January to February 2022 and finally head to Fiji, New Zealand and Australia – which had been our plan in early 2020!

Have you lost crew because of this?

It’s been incredibly tough on the crew. We’ve lost some great people but I can’t blame them for leaving. I mean, they were going out of their minds. They were allowed to fly out, but then they weren’t allowed back in. I’m now working with Burgess to put the crew back together. Fingers crossed all goes to plan from here. It should be a very sweet reunion.

Cameron Riddell

Superyacht Eros.
Credit: Cameron Ridell / Eros

Yacht Eros

Length 35m

Year 1939

Location Newport

You’re making a star of Eros!

That’s right; we’ve been filming lots of our activities on board. Our first few episodes are now available on YouTube - you can see them at The episodes include maintenance, deliveries, exploring ashore and eating and drinking aboard. In the first episodes we deal with a big problem on our main mast; that was not fun. You’ll also get to know the crew. I was inspired to do it by other shows on YouTube like Sailing La Vagabonde, Sailing SV Delos and Sailing Doodles. But we have a larger crew and an older and larger boat, so I think we will offer a different take on life on the ocean. Ultimately, we’d like to be seen as serious sailors and caretakers of a classic yacht that provides wonderful lives for those who come aboard.

The owner of Eros has been documenting his on board journeys with a new YouTube channel.
Credit: Cameron Ridell / Eros

What else is in the works?

We’re heading for the Caribbean this coming winter for the charter season, which you’ll be able to follow on our YouTube channel. We hope to post as regularly as we can. We’re also considering a Med season in the next year or two, and we are also contemplating a charter season in Antarctica.

Do you have a bucket list trip?

Eros was built in 1939 to take her owner around the world. He died during the Second World War so the trip didn’t happen. I’d like her to complete that mission. Even 80 years later she’s more than capable of the journey.

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