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Inside the adventures of superyacht owners around the world

7 March 2024 • Written by Grace Trofa

Every month, superyacht owners reveal where they are in the world and share their future plans. This month, the 32-metre Windship and Trident-built sailing yacht Elton prepares for her 2024 European tour, while a championship-winning sailor states his preference for an expedition motor yacht...

Andy Scott, owner of Elton

Length: 31.7m
Year: 1992
Location: Portsmouth

Courtesy of Andy Scott

How do you get your yachting fix in winter?
I’m having to do some work in the UK this winter on a big deal for our transport companies, but the plan is to take Elton XX, my 20-metre classic, to the Caribbean this year to do the regattas in Antigua, St Maartin and eventually the St Barths Bucket in 2025. She’s currently out of the water, having her 62-year-old hull checked out to make sure she’s still floating in another 60 years. She’s often described as the most beautiful Sangermani ever built.

How’s the 2024 charter season looking?
Elton charters out at €35,000 per week, and that lower end of the superyacht market tends to fill up at the last minute. Often our charters are booked with just two days’ notice, which the crew hate, but it fills gaps. Last year we did something new and marketed the yacht for €100,000 a month, which was really popular with people who wanted an extended holiday in the South of France, the Balearics, Corsica and Italy. If we can book these month-long charters for June and September, it’s great business, and leaves the prime weeks to fill up at the full rate, which is the hope.

How have the last few years been for charter?
We have been fully booked for the last three years. Coming out of Covid-19, we did the Med followed by the Caribbean and managed to book 14 weeks. However, this puts a strain on both the boat and crew, and leaves very little time for planned maintenance if you arrive back from the Caribbean around May to start Med charters in June. I treat my boats as businesses rather than toys, so in future I plan to leave Elton in Europe for the Med season, and leave the smaller boat, Elton XX, in the Caribbean. This means crew are employed year-round and the boats don’t get so battered. It also means I get to spend a decent amount of time on both boats. My big concern is finding somewhere safe to leave the smaller boat in the Caribbean so it’s out of the big hurricane areas. 

What’s the secret to keeping a great charter crew?  
It’s becoming harder and harder, especially as boats are becoming larger, and crew naturally want to work on bigger, shinier, newer boats. I aim to get couples, as it’s good for crew retention (despite it being my idea of hell!). Also, small touches like making sure the captain has a car wherever he or she is makes a big difference.

Do you have your eye on any other yachts?
I currently have a 60-metre former cargo ship and am trying to find a permanent mooring for it on the Thames to convert it into a home, which is no easy task for a vessel of that size. It has six bedrooms, an indoor/outdoor pool and can double as a floating boutique hotel. I got very close to buying a 47-metre Perini last year which needed a full refit. I’m always open to such deals if sellers need to sell quickly.  

Where’s your favourite place to cruise?
I spend summers at my house between Cannes and Saint-Tropez or on one of the boats when they’re not chartered. It’s a great base as most charters start in Monaco, Cannes, or Corsica. 

What’s your drink of choice on deck? 
I still drink vodka and Diet Coke, despite it being a teenagers’ drink. Sometimes the 3am heart palpitations tell me I should probably switch to my more mature second preference of gin and tonic!

Douglas Rastello, owner of Preference 19

Length: 36.4m
Year: 2011
Location: Loano

Credit: Adam Kingman

What’s happening with Preference 19 in the off season?
Preference 19 is currently out of the water getting spruced up for the Med season but will be back in the water soon. In July and August, we offer the boat for charter as we spend those months in Lake Tahoe, spending spring and autumn on board. We’re pleased if we can pick up six or seven charters a year.

As a former America’s Cupper, will you be in Barcelona later this year?
We want to support the American Magic team, so the plan is to be in Barcelona during the races. I remember back in 2007 when the Cup was in Valencia there were hundreds of yachts in the marina that went out each day watching the races. The starting line area was quite a spectacle – I hope they can recreate that environment again this year. I do worry about the sailing conditions in Barcelona in October, but I am sure it will be an event not to miss and we will be there.

Credit: Adam Kingman

Preference 19 is not your typical white boat. What drew you to her?  
We prefer explorer-style motor yachts like Preference 19, with extensive exterior space and a clean, modern interior. She’s a little over 10 years old now and looks great. It’s perfect for families because of the deck space, where people can just hang out and take advantage of the multitude of water activities. On board, we have circuit training in the morning and have a basketball hoop for a game in the afternoon. Preference 19 is not about interior volume; for us it’s about life on the water and living outside.

You’re a sailor at heart. Was it hard buying a motor yacht?  
I don’t know how to answer that because Preference 19 was such an impulse buy! We weren’t looking for a motor yacht, she found us. It’s one of the best things we have ever done. In the future I can see transitioning to a large sailing yacht, but we’re not in a hurry. I am active in the J/70 racing scene in Europe and the States, and also participate in other regattas.

Credit: Adam Kingman
Credit: Adam Kingman

Have you made many changes to the yacht?
We’ve changed some of the soft furnishings and furniture layouts,  but we haven’t made any dramatic changes. Like many other yachts, we have added Starlink because you need to have reliable high-speed internet on board.

Do you get involved in the running of the boat?
We work with our captain and our management company, Edmiston, weekly, especially in the off season to approve winter works and plan for the coming season. There are seven crew on board – four roles are steady and three tend to rotate a bit. The crew make the Preference 19 experience special, for us and for all our charter guests.

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