Tecnomar - The Italian Sea Group

Under the Tecnomar brand, The Italian Sea Group manufactures and markets yachts up to 50 metres in steel and aluminium. Founded in 1987 and acquired by The Italian Sea Group in 2009, Tecnomar, which has always been synonymous with dynamism, is characterised by cutting-edge lines and design at the service of powerful and reliable mechanics. Each Tecnomar model represents a design challenge that balances the elegance of the best Italian nautical tradition and the use of extremely innovative technologies and materials, with particular attention to eco-sustainability.

In 2020, The Italian Sea Group confirmed its strategic positioning, having developed a partnership with renowned Italian luxury brand Automobili Lamborghini, for the design and creation of the "Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63", a limited-edition of motor yacht with extraordinary performance and quality beyond all limits.

Notable yachts

At the 32nd edition of the Monaco Yacht Show 2023, The Italian Sea Group unveiled the futuristic catamaran Tecnomar This Is It.

This Is It is an exciting new presence on the catamaran scene that defies convention with its unique and innovative design. Tradition and innovation come together to create a radical lifestyle concept, defined by a layout with striking asymmetries and a bold, eye-catching silhouette enveloped by over 600 square metres of imposing windows.

The inspiration is technological, far from the typical yachting design and more in tune with civil architecture. The external lines, sinuous and soft, challenge our perception of what is possible, forcing us to rethink our aesthetic parametres. Innovative design, speed and sportiness, elements in the Tecnomar motor yachts' DNA, make This Is It an exceptional catamaran.