6 brokers discuss the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show


"Overall, Monaco Yacht Show was very productive..."

Russell Crump, Director of Sales at YPI

Now that the excitement of last week’s Monaco Yacht Show has subsided, we took the opportunity of polling superyacht brokers for their reactions and, as usual, the results are mixed.

We’ll kick of with these words from Russell Crump, Director of Sales at Yachting Partners International (YPI): “Overall we felt this year’s 25th Anniversary Show was very productive. Our clients were happy to see the yachts we had spotlighted for them in the Show although I felt that the amount of exciting, fresh new product, especially above 50 metres, was a little light. It was good to see so many exhibitors in the Show though once again it is vital we get the balance right between the important B2B industry presence and the attendance of new blood - actual yacht buyers.

“We were impressed by the tenders and toys on display this year especially the submarines – this is a sector that has been developing beyond all recognition and it is attracting a lot of client interest. As a company, we entertained a number of representatives from the world of commercial shipping, something you will hear much more about from YPI and our parent company, BRS, over the next few months. So for us, it was a productive show. Our team worked hard and played hard – that’s a combination that always delivers results.”

Photo by Raphael Montigneaux


'We need a better balance between B2B trade and potential charterers or buyers'

Toby Maclaurin, Commercial Director, Ocean Independence

Toby Maclaurin at Ocean Independence echoes Crump's words about a strong B2B presence at MYS with a vengeance, saying, “The organisers still have to address the issue of trade and professional visitors that this year reached epidemic proportions. At times our stand could not be seen for those wanting to sell us bunkering services, insurance, paint, uniforms, refits, port agency services, shoes, magazines, carpets, rugs, lighting, etc, etc…..I really worry that potential buyers and charterers have no option but to walk on by, and I am not the only one – and before anyone says these companies also need to do business, can I point out that if yacht selling and chartering business suffers, we all will suffer?

“A balance has to be urgently found between the need of the industry to connect and network internally, with making a visit to the show in any way comfortable and enjoyable to prospective buyers and charterers – I don’t think it was just me that felt many show staff seem to have been trained to be especially rude and obstructive this year, I can only pray they had no real client interaction.

“Current initiatives by the organisers have not worked and this needs to be re-thought or the show will be in real danger of becoming a trade only event. I know it’s been mentioned before, but maybe now it’s time to go public with this request, how about a trade/professional day to start the show? Then the remainder of show could be dedicated to those who we want and need to show how great it is to enjoy life afloat.”

Photo by Raphael Montigneaux


'We saw a number of serious clients but need to encourage more to come to MYS'

Vassilis Fotilas, Commercial Director, Europe of Fraser Yachts

Vassilis Fotilas, Commercial Director, Europe of Fraser Yachts aims another barb at the Monaco Yacht Show organisers in his review. He told us: “We feel the show went very well for us this year. We had a very impressive fleet and numerous serious clients who we invited to the show. The challenge we all face is converting this ‘boat show hype’ into concrete business. Looking ahead at future boat shows we do want to significantly increase the number of new customers we meet during the show. To achieve this we need the support of the boat show organisers.”

Photo by Raphael Montigneaux


"We are optimistic that interest instigated at the show will conclude in tangible results...”

Alev Karagulle, Director of Marketing, Burgess

Alev Karagulle at Burgess is more sanguine, commenting: "We were exhibiting the largest yacht at MYS – Solandge at 85 metres – in addition to representing the brand new 77m Silver Fast and a further line-up of yachts over 55m, most of which were attending the Monaco Yacht Show for the first time. A high quality display of large yachts attracts good footfall and we conducted a number of very well qualified inspections across our fleet. We are optimistic that interest instigated at the show will conclude in tangible results over the coming months.”


"One of our yachts received an offer!"

Kevin Merrigan, CEO, Northrop & Johnson

Kevin Merrigan, CEO of Northrop & Johnson agrees with Karagulle. He told us: "It was a well-attended, robust show. We went into the show with several deals underway and are pleased to report they are tracking well. The weather was excellent, there was good traffic, and one of our yachts in the show received an offer!"


"I predict a fruitful ending to the summer Mediterranean season”

Frank Gzeszczak, Yacht Consultant, International Yacht Collectio

Finally, Yacht Consultant Frank Gzeszczak at International Yacht Collection (IYC) obviously left the show a happy man, commenting, “My central listing and the flagship of the IYC fleet, Lurrsen’s 70.2 metre Martha Ann, was on display offered for sale for the very first time. The location of Martha Ann enabled prospective buyers a more private experience as it was moored in a secluded area of the show with some of the larger vessels.

“Due to this location, I feel that the pool of prospective clients aboard Martha Ann was very strong. The MYS generated a lot of positive interest in Martha Ann and I predict that the interest will further develop in the very near future. Overall, IYC had a very successful Show and I predict a fruitful ending to the summer Mediterranean season.”