Classic superyacht Miss Ann for sale at HMY
2010-07-01By Malcolm MacLean

And now for something completely different as Michael Ferris at HMY Yacht Sales sends in details of his recent central listing, the 38.7m motor yacht Miss Ann.

Built by the USA's Pusey & Jones in 1926, she's a classic fantail superyacht and is USCG certified for 100 passengers and had a colourful history until the end of WWII when she was mothballed. In 1952 she was purchased by a private owner who conducted a major refit and kept her as a family yacht until 2008 when Michael sold her to her current owner.

Michael comments, "She's not a sleek and shiny modern superyacht, but she is a reflection of class, charm and elegance," and goes on to speculate that she might be considered as one of the USA's first superyachts. Miss Ann is asking $1.495 million.