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Refit Yard Amico & Co Expands Facilities

29 November 2019 • Written by Caroline White

Genoese refit yard Amico & Co has opened a new chapter in its ongoing development, with the unveiling of a cutting-edge superyacht shiplift. BOAT International was in attendance as the innovative system was revealed, allowing the manoeuvring of superyachts up to 95 metres – and bolstering a growing Genoese superyacht hub

“The shiplift is a result that we are very proud of, which rewards the force generated by our work culture, dedication to service, creativity and specialisation,” said Alberto Amico, chairman of Amico & Co.

The 4,000 tonne shiplift uses a submersible platform to raise vessels from the water up to the shipyard ground level, with a series of synchronised hoists. A trestle system then glides vessels on to the hardstanding. Here, five new workstations or “slots” have been created by strengthening and restructuring 25,000 square metres of land. This electrically powered system, which is zero emissions in situ, allows yachts (that would otherwise require dry docks) to be worked on more efficiently on the hardstanding. It also allows the yard to work on up to six superyachts at the same time. This new infrastructure entailed a total investment of more than €27 million.

It is the latest piece move in an ongoing improvement and expansion of the Amico site that started in 2015. The yard wants to bolster its 60 metre-plus credentials as the length of the world’s superyachts increases. Aside from the shiplift, Amico (which where possible uses in-house staff rather than contractors, to better control logistics) has been bulking up on specialist staff, building labs and workshops, and buying neighbouring dockside land.

“The construction of the shiplift springs from our desire to continue competing as a leader in the Mediterranean superyacht market,” Amico said. “We are convinced that it represents a great opportunity and an occasion in which to make Genoa a hub of global reference for super and mega yachts, strengthening a quality economic system that generates development and prosperity for the surrounding area, with an important knock-on effect on the city, even from a cultural point of view.”

To build the new facilities the yard engaged 84 companies employing 200 workers for almost a year and a half. Foremost was Scandiuzzi SpA a Treviso-based industrial engineering firm that built the platform and Dutch firm Enerpac, which designed and built the transfer system that moves vessels.

The original area of the yard’s concession includes a dock for vessels of up to 102 metres, 4,500 m2 of specialised workshops, 10 covered slots for working on yachts from 50 to 70 metres and five slots for yachts up to 95 metres, a technical marina with both internal and external protected berths, able to receive vessels of up to 110m LOA in a total water surface of approximately 13,000 square metres, plus fully electrified docks and hardstanding.

Genoa as a whole is developing as a superyacht hub. Genova for Yachting was established in 2017 to represent the local yachting sector and today comprises 34 companies. With around 290 yachts visiting the region a year, the sector generates around €330 million for the territory – and is growing steadily.

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