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What to expect when you subscribe to BOAT International's newsletters

29 May 2024 • Written by BOAT International

BOAT International's newsletters are the best way to get all the latest industry news, updates from the BOAT Events team and industry-leading market analysis delivered straight to your inbox. Our subscribers enjoy all the most recent and most important content over their morning coffee, on their commute into the office or wherever else they may be - all in one efficient, easy-to-access package. 

In order to keep delivering best-in-class content, our newsletters are changing their look and feel. Here's what you can expect going forward... 

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BOAT Briefing:
Our daily newsletter is the only resource you need to stay on top of the superyacht sector. Combining breaking news, compelling business insights, exclusive yacht reviews and all the latest deals and sales from the world of brokerage, it's your one-stop for yacht news and features.

Deep Dive:
Every Saturday, the BOAT International Deep Dive cherry-picks all the most awe-inspiring travel features, fascinating owner's profiles and the complete low-down from the world of luxury into one email. Expect itineraries, food and travel guides, hotel hotlists and more. 

BOAT International's award-winning intelligence platform, BOATPro is the business arm of BOAT International. The BOATPro newsletter is packed with B2B news, number-crunching features and data-driven market reports. Sent on Wednesday mornings, it's the best way to get a clear picture of the week in business. 

Editor's Choice:
A new type of newsletter from BOAT International, Editor's Choice aims to condense everything you might have missed in the week into one package. Expect hot talking points, important industry advances and not-to-be-missed podcasts, delivered to you every Sunday.

Keep up-to-date with BOAT's busy events programme - from key dates for your diary to early-bird ticket discounts. 

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