BOAT International Unveils 33rd Edition of The Superyachts Book

18 September 2019 • Written by Marilyn Mower

BOAT International unveiled their most ambitious publishing product to date at the Monaco Yacht Show: the 33rd edition of The Superyachts.

Long considered the Bible of the superyacht scene, the 2020 volume is the largest in terms of yachts presented (22) and number of pages (520). The increased number of boats covered this year is a reflection on the sheer diversity of high quality yachts launched in the previous 12 months, says editor Marilyn Mower.

The 33rd edition of The Superyachts will be unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show

BOAT International was given exclusive access to new superyachts that vaulted into the Top 200, such as DAR, Dragon, Dream, Lady S, Tis and White Rabbit. But size isn’t the only reason yachts are tapped for The Superyachts. Innovation, dynamic design, craftsmanship, beauty and technical achievement bring other boats to the table, as do incredible stories of owner involvement, such as with Latona and Elandess.

A selected boat could represent the perfect jewel box or a stunning vehicle for travel, like El Leon. And then there are the boats that are outstanding examples of refit or repurposing, such as Alicia, Dream and G2.

Featured yachts include DAR, Dream and Tis

The design of The Superyachts continued to evolve this year under the direction of Christopher Whale and Mark Gillman, with layouts featuring more and larger photos, plus a fresh colour palette. Along with the new fleet of featured yachts, the book carries an updated list with photos of the world’s Top 200 yachts by length.

The editorial theme of this year’s book is detail, and how sometimes the smallest things express an owner’s dream and sets the yacht above the rest. An exclusive eight-page article featuring comments from many of the designers behind the volume’s 22 yachts sets readers on this path of discovery.

The book also highlights a unique design feature of each yacht, shining a light on an essential quality of each of the yachts we present, notes Mower. The 33rd volume in The Superyachts book series is available to order here.


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