Dominator improves on D800 with new launch

27 May 2015By Risa Merl

Austrian-based yacht builder Dominator has launched its latest D800 motor yacht. The new yacht has been customised to meet the brief of her owner, who presided over the launch event. Hull No 2 in its D800 series, the yacht is named Dolly and features a custom layout that meets her owner’s requests for a large galley and dining area.

According to the yacht’s designer, Alberto Mancini, the interior materials were also selected by the owner and his wife. "We worked on together was to develop a nice warming and elegant atmosphere, not big contrasts but tone on tone colours, a shade of beige, taupe and grey, Mancini says. "The brighter oak brushed painted parquet with the oak painted bulkhead gives immediately a welcoming perception of elegance”.

The new D800 from Dominator

Dominator, who builds at a yard in Fano, Italy, points out that though this is the second hull in its 24.5 metre D800 series, the new yacht is “vastly different” from the first Dominator 800, which debuted in Miami. Dominator aims to differentiate itself from other series sports boat builders by treating each yacht as an individual commission and going beyond the standard offerings.

“We don’t build 10 of the same specification and then try to find customers for them. When a customer chooses a yacht from our range, we sit down with them and discuss the latest technology. This means that every Dominator launched is not just up to date but is a forerunner in technology”, says Alex Langhein, CEO of Dominator International.

This includes looking at fresh approaches to the construction, looking for improvements. The build team re-arranged structures to maximise the internal areas and allow different layout options.

“To seek a reduction of weight, both hull sides and the bottom were made up in sandwich laminate, with fiberglass. From the main deck upwards, a carbon and glass hybrid fabric was used and rising up the superstructure the hard top is made entirely of carbon fibre”, says Dominator.

The new Dominator D800 yacht Dolly

D800 hull No 2 features an innovative propulsion system from Reintjes, the Fortjes 4000. This system is more efficient and requires less fuel consumption, while at the same time it also provides more power as the propellers are lined up with the hull rather than set an angle like a shaft in a conventional propulsion system.

She will reach a maximum speed of 35 knots and cruise at up to 25 knots with a range of 390 nautical miles. At a lower speed of 10.5 knots, she can get up to 1,450 nautical miles.