Lady Moura gets a make-over

2 April 2013By Tom Isitt

The iconic Blohm & Voss 105m motor yacht Lady Moura is undergoing a little cosmetic surgery in Gibraltar at the moment.

While the skipper was getting some work done on the 92ft Mangusta chase-boat, he asked the Wild Group about restoring Lady Moura’s external blind windows. 'They were in desperate need of renovation' he said. The seals were broken and air ingress was causing discoloration and delamination at the edge of the glass. There was also oxidisation on some of the windows making them appear red.

It was agreed that a marine-grade blue tint vinyl film was the best solution, offering the perfect colour tint match. New foil was applied to 24 of the blind windows, including some of the larger complex shaped windows. The window mullions were also in desperate need of replacement. These were originally black anodised aluminium but had been bleached in the sun delivering uneven tones of grey/black throughout. More than 180 mullions were lined in a black matt vinyl offering a UV protective coat that would outperform paint.

The foils to the windows and mullions took place in Gibraltar over four days.