LP Design presents 72-metre concept Ocean Atrium

13 March 2013By Marilyn Mower

Richard Liebowitz, the 'L' in LP Design Ltd, shares his concept for a 72-metre motor yacht he calls Ocean Atrium.

As innovative as it looks on the outside, its appearance is governed by its fresh interior with architecture-flexible internal areas using a unique formula of multi-level, terraced spaces within. For Liebowitz, the desire was to break out with dramatic spaces that create special shipboard experiences. As the American interior architect of the fast motorsailer MITseaAH, he knows a thing or two about upending typical layouts.

As he's now based in Cornwall in the UK, he sees this model configuring nicely into one of several European candidate shipyard technical platforms, showcasing state-of-the-art environmental systems and IMO Tier III power.

'It’s an evolution of themes we’ve been keenly developing. We’re very much interested in offering owners something outside the repeated, conventional layout. It’s an ‘integral’ notion, not even directly linked to style or decoration,' Liebowitz says.

At anchor, an array of hull apertures open to provide dramatic and functional terraces, but at anchor or underway, there's no denying the ambiance created by so much glass. LP Design Ltd UK are also producing a similar design for the under-500 gross tonne class, a more market-focused size, with realistic operating costs.