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Lürssen launches 142m Project Ali Baba

14 December 2023 • Written by Gemma Harris

The 142-metre superyacht Project Ali Baba has been officially launched by Lürssen. It comes after the yacht was prematurely revealed when a technical failure of the dock gate at the Bremen facilities on December 7 forced the yacht's nose into the dock curtain. 

Credit: Philipp Gonschorek
Credit: Philipp Gonschorek

The new build project was last seen in two halves in May 2022 when she was moved out of the construction shed. Project Ali Baba remains elusive and tightly under wraps.

The first image showcases a grey profile with an elongated bow and bold exterior lines spanning the four decks, including two helipads. She has drawn stylistic similarities to the 85.2-metre Lürssen yacht Pacific which features an exterior by German Frers.

According to the yard, Ali Baba will now be moved to Lurssen's Hamburg facilities for completion, while the dock in Bremen is due to be inspected and repaired.

Credit: Philipp Gonschorek

Project Ali Baba is one of the 10 superyachts in build at Lurssen, according to BOATPro. The premature sighting follows the emergence of the 103-metre Project Jassj earlier this week.

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