Luxury-packed Iguana 29 Exclusive amphibious superyacht tender

19 February 2015

Three French designers and engineers have unveiled the Iguana 29 Exclusive amphibious superyacht tender, which features gold-plated and leather fittings throughout. The Iguana 29 can “emerge from the water and explore land, as the first iguanas did, millions of years ago”, says the builder.

The Iguana range is fitted with retractable legs with rolling tracks, enabling skipper and crew to drive straight up onto the beach from the water. At sea, with the legs drawn into the hull in a process which the builders say takes a few seconds, the Iguana boasts a capable hull and has a top speed of 40 knots.

The company, based in Brittany, was founded in 2008 by engineer Antoine Brudigou, with designer Antoine Fritsch and naval architect Tanguy Le Bihan. The idea was to create a high performance amphibious boat that did not compromise seaworthiness or performance for onshore mobility. They wanted a boat that could drive on and off-road, which was comfortable for a family or a party of guests and which boasted the highest level of quality. It took the trio three years to produce the prototype, which was shown at Cannes in 2011. Today, the Iguana 29 is the cutting edge of the company’s development and a luxury version, the 29 Exclusive, is being debuted at the Dubai Boat Show from 3-7 March.

The 29 Exclusive features a gold plated stairway, boarding ladder, cleats and rails, with leather trim in abundance throughout the boat. There is a metallic paint finish around the cockpit of the boat, which also features a table designed by Vivien Durisotti at the stern for seven guests. In the bar, which is embedded within the table, fine crystal glasses from the prestigious Saint-Louis French cristallerie slide in and out of a fine wooden box padded with leather.

The seats are made using extra stitching, three different density foams, laser cut, and covered with leather to improve rigidity and comfort. The storages boxes located under the seating are leather covered, as is the helm and the controls. The front monitor gives an all-in-one view of the GPS and Bose sound system.

The Iguana’s mobility system utilises corrosion-proof materials such as nylon filled carbon for the rollers, while the axles, lifting mechanisms and sprockets are from stainless steel. The arms themselves are made from marine grade 5083 aluminium. The tracks are made from high quality rubber, Kevlar-reinforced for greater rigidity and strength.

Iguana also offer a 29 Classic and a 29 Adventure, both offering slightly different packages and levels of fit-out. All the boats can be customised to match the mother ship or to be totally individual.

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