New breakthrough 58m WHY superyacht proceeds on schedule

26 May 2010 • Written by Malcolm MacLean

Wally Yachts has signed a business partnership with Yachting Partners International and YCO to market the new high-concept 58m WHY motor yacht where work proceeds on schedule.

A full-sized mockup was built in Ancona, Italy and extensive R&D tests led to several modifications of the concept as detailed below:

  1. The shape of the Venetian blind sliding roof has changed to a flat surface to maximise the photovoltaic efficiency.
  2. The interior area aft of the wheelhouse now features two guest lounges and cabins for the Captain and First Officer.
  3. The proportion between interior and exterior volumes of the upper and owner decks has been revised to further increase the interiors. The new accommodation layout  provides for an owner's suite with two double cabins plus six guest cabins for a total of 16 guests.
  4. The deck walk-around has been improved reducing the gradient to eight degrees maximum.
  5. The forward swimming pool has been widened by reducing the bulwark and moving the helipad slightly aft.

Finally, the exhaustive preliminary technical dossier  is ready to be submitted to two European and one USA yard. The outcome of these consultations, defining price and building time, is expected in July 2010.

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