See Franck Muller Yachts line inspired by luxury watches in the water

30 September 2015• Written by Risa Merl

Inspired by luxury watches, the first Franck Muller Yachts FMY 55 has launched and made her debut at the Monaco Yacht Show.

Superyacht builder the Italian Sea Group has joined forces with luxury watchmaker Franck Muller to introduce Franck Muller Yachts lineup, of which the 16 metre FMY 55 is the first to splash.

The new high-end yacht line was first introduced to yacht owners and a select group of international press at the Italian Sea Group’s immaculate yard in Carrara, Italy back in March.

The first Franck Muller Yachts FMY 55 in the water at Monaco Yacht Show

The new lineup of yachts will stretch from 16 to 30 metres LOA and include a Franck Muller Yachts 55, 68, 80 and 100. Both the 55 and 68 are available in Hard Top or Open versions, while the 80 will boast impressive interior spaces with four cabins. Strategically planned, the new Franck Muller Yachts line won’t overlap or compete with Italian Sea Group’s current offerings, which start at the 30 metre mark.

The first Franck Muller Yachts model to be built – and shown in build – is the 55 Open. Italian Sea Group reports that three are already sold to the American market. The first Franck Muller Yachts 55 Open has now debuted, and this will be followed by two 55s in both a Hard Top and Open version making it to the Fort Lauderdale boat show this November.

Three engine options are available, but the first 55 Open will take the middle option – Volvo 950 engines. Top speeds of 46 knots are predicted.

“Franck Muller creates aerodynamic watches with curves, and we wanted to create an aerodynamic boat – inspiration came from the watches,” says Nicholas Rudaz, director of Franck Muller.

Franck Muller Yachts 55 launch

The yachts are inspired by Franck Muller luxury watches as well as automotive design and gentleman’s yachts from the 1920s and 30s.

Indeed, the yachts’ main defining feature are curvaceous lines, and in the case of the Hard Top version, an exaggerated sloping hard top with modern styling and huge glazing that screams supercar design-inspired.

Notably for Italian Sea Group, the Franck Muller Yachts 55 is being built in composite – with a carbon fibre superstructure and Kevlar-Aramat hull. This is a first for the builder, whose forte so far has been aluminium and steel construction. The Franck Muller Yachts 55 and 68 will utilise composite construction, while the larger 80 and 100 models would be built in aluminium.

In order to accommodate the new builds, the Italian Sea Group has built an all-new 7,000 square metre shed dedicated to Franck Muller Yachts. This is complemented by an atelier, which will serve as a showroom where clients can peruse materials with the yard’s design team. The aim is that choosing a Franck Muller yacht be more akin to buying a fine suit, the yard representatives said during the tour.

As for why this rather unusual choice to pair with a watch maker is the right move for a luxury yacht builder at this time, Italian Sea Group Chairman Giovanni Costantino chalks it up to two things: “It fits perfectly in our philosophy for the Italian Sea Group, which is not just as a marine offering, but as a luxury brand,” he says.

Fittingly,  Franck Muller is also introducing watches to match the new yacht line.

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