Omega Architects presents 83m Seasar concept

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Omega Architects presents 83m Seasar concept

30 May 2023 • Written by Katia Damborsky

Dutch studio Omega Architects has presented a new 83.5-metre superyacht concept named Seasar. Frank Laupman, who heads up the studio, has described the six-deck design as a "rational" evolution of Omega Architects' decade-old integrated hull-and-body design, which fuses the two components up to the wheelhouse deck for a seamless-looking superyacht.

To be built in steel and aluminium with a fast-displacement hull form, Seasar would have a masculine exterior that centres around a swooping arch that breaks up the horizontal lines and gives way to the exterior spaces on the aft.

The concept has been envisioned with either fuel-cell technology or biofuel-powered generators

Each of the yacht's decks has been designed with a different function in mind to enhance privacy and promote a sensible flow throughout the spaces. The sub-lower deck is for storage and technical space, the lower deck is dedicated to crew and the main deck has been tailored to guests and tender storage. The owner's deck is laid out exclusively for the owner, while the wheelhouse deck is for the yacht's handling and management. Finally, there is an observation deck that allows unbroken views from a superior vantage point.

Accommodation is split across five double cabins plus an owner's suite for a total of 14 guests. The owner's deck has a special glass window that allows maximum freedom in the interior while maintaining the views, and it has a built-in heat barrier that would keep the space cool and comfortable.  According to Laupman, "the glass of the owner's deck freely hangs down and opens the walk around of the main deck. Where this glass veil stops over the main deck, a shaded walk-around is created. "

The yacht would have complement for 26 crew and 14 guests

The 2,000GT Seasar has been envisioned with either fuel-cell or biofuel-powered generators. "We will have relative freedom to place the generator room and bring her exhausts up to the mast," explained Laupman. "In this way the vessel is able to run in a ‘quiet e-mode’."

150 square metres of toy storage will house four Jet-Skis, a 9.6-metre limo tender, a five-metre rescue tender and a submarine. She has been further optimised for exploration with the helideck that has been designed without "interior spaces under". The aft portion of the wheelhouse superstructure is conceived as a skylounge with panoramic views which also serves as a reception area for the helicopter guests on arrival.

In terms of technical capacities, the yacht would have a moderate 3.2-metre draft with a transpacific range of 5,000 nautical miles. Maximum speed is 18 knots, trimmed back to 16 knots cruising. While not yet in construction, Laupman has predicted that the welding of her steel would be done in such a way that requires minimum fairing while still maintaining a superyacht-quality finish. 

Across a maximum beam of 13.3-metres, the yacht has a number of onboard highlights including a large swimming pool on the upper deck that affords the yacht greater privacy while in port and a beach-club style lounge area on the main deck, in an elevated position.

The yacht formerly known as Ciao is one of Omega Architects' most recent designs

Seasar has been envisioned for owners who enjoy travelling, exploring and "appreciate comfort to the maximum". Laupman continued: "Being strong individuals themselves, they appreciate privacy for their guests, granting them their individual deck." To this end, the guest accommodation is fitted with the same tall windows that the owner's suite has, affording the guests the same views as the owner.

Omega Architects is responsible for the exterior design of 104 yachts on the water.

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