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PGYD reveals 50m concept Shade G50

3 October 2023 • Written by Dea Jusufi

Viareggio-based studio PGYD has revealed its latest 49.3-metre concept, the Shade G50. The project aims to change the way owners experience on-board living, with a new "typology of space" that centres around open-plan "horizontality".

The yacht's profile is defined by a single, aerodynamic curve and large lateral arches. These arches form a built-in pergola, able to be enjoyed under any weather conditions courtesy of an electronically-openable awning.

This "front porch" feature is one of the Shade G50's defining characteristics

Accommodation is for up to 12 guests, with further space for nine crew. The upper deck is dedicated to the owner, featuring a terrace whose privacy is optimised using a lateral micro-perforated panel – letting light pass through but limiting visibility from the yachts alongside when in port. Interiors are modern and bright, incorporating LED strips that accentuate spaces and furniture. While full details have yet to be disclosed, interior renderings reveal floor-to-ceiling windows and a soft green-and-cream colour scheme. 

Found aft, the water-level beach club is achieved by moving the engine room forward and positioning the guest accommodation on the main deck. As a result, cabins benefit from greater volume and ample natural light while crew has complete access to the lower deck, allowing greater ease of operations. 

On deck, the external beach club is designed as a single, indoor-outdoor environment that connects to the internal beach club and lounge area. The external beach club features an infinity pool, sun loungers and swim platform, while the internal beach club is arranged with a television screen and additional sofa seating. 

The Shade G50 is anticipated to reach a maximum speed of 18 knots and a cruising speed of 16 knots. 

PGYD aims to "intercept a potentially younger-than-average group of owners" with this new concept, according to a spokesperson for the studio.

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