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Credit: Thomas Pagani

Sanlorenzo to launch net-zero superyacht in 2027

25 January 2023• Written by Holly Overton

Sanlorenzo took the opportunity of boot Düsseldorf to outline its three-step "Road to 2030" strategy that will see the shipyard launch the first net-zero superyacht in 2027.

The plan, presented by Sanlorenzo CEO Massimo Perotti at the Blue Innovation Dock, involves significant investment in research and development over the next five years and starts with the construction of a 50Steel. The 50-metre model will be the first of three key launches and will feature the first practical use of methanol and fuel cell technology on board a superyacht. Work on the technology is already underway led by strategic partner Siemens, and the model will be launched in 2025 with fuel cells powering the hotel load only.

Credit: Thomas Pagani

The next step in Sanlorenzo's strategy will be to increase the power output of the technology to a point where it can be used to partially power the engines in a new hybrid propulsion system, in addition to powering the hotel load. Set to launch in 2026, this will make low-speed, wide-range navigation possible under carbon-neutral conditions.

By 2027, the Group hopes to introduce a superyacht powered entirely by green methanol, using a combination of fuel cells and internal combustion engines instead of traditional diesel engines or a hybrid system.

Credit: Thomas Pagani

The Italian shipyard had previously signed an agreement with Siemens Energy for the exclusive development of a carbon-neutral fuel cell system meant to power the hotel load on yachts between 24 and 80 metres in length. The testing phase for the first fuel cell modules is also in progress, with additional tests for the methanol/water supply and power management, condensation and ventilation systems soon to follow now that preliminary designs have been approved for the 50Steel.

At present, the project team is also conducting a risk assessment for the hotel power generation system in collaboration with Lloyd's Register. Together with Lloyd's Register, Sanlorenzo's R&D and technical department engineers plan to tackle necessary changes to the yacht's structure and plant configuration (to comply with regulations concerning large methanol transport vessels) by focusing on the development of high-capacity structural tanks which will be suitable to house the new fuel.

Credit: Sanlorenzo

Sanlorenzo is also responsible for the ongoing BHG and BGM65HH projects underway at the Group's Bluegame division. With a launch date later this year, the BGH project has been chosen by the New York Yacht Club as a “chase boat” to accompany American Magic during the 37th America's Cup in 2024. The speedboat will reach 50 knots on foils propelled by a zero-emission hydrogen propulsion system. This unique opportunity is notable since it effectively allows Sanlorenzo to trial the technology in smaller models prior to its integration into larger designs. 

The Group also made mention of Bluegame's recent partnership with Volvo Penta, which will combine the latter's new pilot IPS hybrid propulsion system with the hydrogen fuel cells developed from the BGH project. The cutting-edge technology will be featured within the BGM65HH hydrogen-hybrid model, scheduled for launch in 2026.

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