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Seagull-inspired trimaran concept Seaffinity revealed

6 October 2021• Written by Miranda Blazeby

A 45m super streamlined trimaran concept named Seaffinity inspired by "the world of sea birds" has been revealed by French studio VPLP Design.

The aluminium yacht, which is described by the studio as a “yacht of the future”, features a hybrid engine powered by electricity produced by a hydrogen fuel cell. However, Seaffinity’s main source of propulsion will be the wind captured by two Oceanwing sails.

The yacht’s exterior is described as “monolithic” by the studio. This, combined with the sustainable propulsion, ensures a voyage on board the yacht is “a communion with its environment”, the studio said.

Seaffinity is aimed at “new customers” who are not interested in the “polluting” consequences of traditional yacht offerings.

“In addition, we wanted to offer them our vision of a new concept of boat, more in harmony with nature and the environment,” the studio said.

The pared-back interior features “intentionally reduced colours” to focus the sailing experience on the outside. “The ambience counts more than the elements of the décor,” the studio said. “We did not want to create a work that stands out between the spectacle of the sea and us.”

Other details include a beam of 16.8 metres and a two-metre draught.