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Shadowcat reveals 69m catamaran shadow vessel Sustain concept

4 October 2023 • Written by Holly Margerrison

ShadowCat, the collaboration between YCTS Ltd. and Incat Crowther, has unveiled its latest concept, the 69-metre catamaran Sustain which aims to "set a new standard" in environmentally-focused yachting. 

Sustain will travel alongside the mothership and will carry additional toys and tenders, as well as provide accommodation for additional staff, entourage, and additional guests. The naval architecture will be designed to maximise performance and reduce inefficiencies that waste energy, while spaces on board will be designed for the vessel's supplemental purpose; to support research, conservation, and humanitarian initiatives.

Enabling researchers to explore and study marine environments safely and effectively, Sustain will feature a manned submersible from Triton submarines and a dive shop complete with a decompression chamber. Passive data-gathering systems enhance research efforts, collecting vital information about currents, sea floor and sea life. A dedicated video editing and production area will allow for real-time documentation and communication of scientific findings and conservation efforts.

Power will derive from WABTEC EGR marine engines, which can run on renewable diesel and biodiesel, reducing emissions by between 50 and 90 per cent dependent on the fuel. The yacht's sustainable focus is also enhanced by solar panels that supply a battery bank for tenders and toys and additionally, the shipyard has claimed that Sustain will harness methanol propulsion "when it becomes more readily available".

The yacht will also feature a "zero discharge scenario" that ensures only clean wastewater is deposited into the ocean and everything else to be fully processed and delivered on shore. 

Robert Smith, founder of Shadowcat, said: "Through our collaborations with esteemed conservation and research organisations, we are excited to support initiatives that make a positive impact on the environment and communities worldwide. For us, the goal was ‘effortless engagement’, providing a vessel where an owner could contribute by simply giving a thumbs-up. It’s a new way to look at how we develop all our vessels going forward.”

ShadowCat is the brand behind support catamarans such as Hodor and Nebula.

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