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Lazzarini reveals extreme 169m concept named Sovrano

17 March 2022

Design studio Lazzarini has revealed the latest addition to its portfolio of extreme concepts: a 169 metre superyacht named Sovrano.

The concept has been designed to serve as either a private yacht with a single owner, or as a shared option catering to a group of owners looking to travel around the world in privacy and, of course, style.

Sovrano spans five decks and is defined by a three-storey well cut into the foredeck. The space acts as an atrium from within the vessel, at the bottom of which lies a large swimming pool and garden area. 

Another unusual feature comes in the form of twin helipads that sit to either side of the wheelhouse like wings. Each landing pad extends five metres from the side of the vessel and increases the concept's 22-metre beam to 33-metres, which would make Sovrano the widest superyacht in the world. The space can also be used to accommodate a pool or even as a platform that can be raised or lowered to the waterline by four electronic winches.

Another area to note is the transom which is fitted with two cranes connected to a lifting platform for the loading and unloading of various vehicles. The area is directly connected to a garage that can house up to two 15 metre tenders and six vehicles. Tenders can be launched directly from the garage into the water through a shell door while cars and other vehicles can be rolled onto the aft deck.

Sovrano would be built from a combination of steel and carbon fibre composites and powered by a fully-electric propulsion system delivering a top speed of 31 knots. 

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