Get an up-close look at Amels 199 Madame Kate in this stunning video | Boat International
Get an up-close look at Amels 199 Madame Kate in this stunning video

A stunning new video of Madame Kate gives an up-close look at this Amels Limited Editions 199 superyacht.

Dutch yard Amels launched the second in its Limited Editions 199 series, a 60 metre superyacht named Madame Kate, in February this year, and she was spotted on her sea trials in May.

In the new video of Madame Kate, the yacht plies the water off of Cannes and shows off her striking lines, namely her scimitar bow. Not only is this bow style striking, but it maximises length, increasing displacement speed, and it also means the 60 metre 199 will perform more like conventional 65 metre yacht and will be up to 15 per cent more fuel efficient than an equivalent clipper-bowed vessel. Overall, the looks of the 199s are rightly called "cutting edge" by Amels.

Also seen in the video, Madame Kate’s tenders run alongside, including her limousine tender that was customised to match the yacht – note the round portholes seen on both the tender and the mothership.

The Amels Limited Editions superyacht series is from the drawing board of designer Tim Heywood. Madame Kate is one of the must-see new yachts at the Monaco Yacht Show 2015.

The cutting edge Amels' Limited Editions 199 yacht Madame Kate on her sea trials

The yacht features a new pearl effect paint system, of which the yard’s paint manager, Arie Springvloet Dubbeld, says in Amels' online magazine, “The pearlescent optical effect works like Issac Newton’s prism. You have different colours in one colour. Pearlescent is basically the next step after metallic paints. You get a very elegant and refined effect.”

The pearl effect will not only sparkle and shimmer in sunlight, but it will also do so at night, thanks to an elaborate lighting system above and below the waterline. But it was complex to apply and required all of Amels’ expertise to get it right first time, as Dubbeld says, “In pearlescent paint you have very fine mica, which is glass, so you see through it to the layer below. This makes it much more complex to apply than metallic paints, because you first have to spray a whole system before you can start. If you make a mistake in the pearl, you have to go right back to the base system and start all over again.”

The interior accommodates 12 guests in six cabins: the full-beam master suite is on the main deck, two VIPs are on the bridge deck, and a double and two twins are on the lower deck.

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