Trust announces plans to rebuild 1893 racing yacht Britannia

17 October 2018By Miranda Blazeby

A charitable trust has announced plans to rebuild the iconic 19th century racing yacht Britannia. The K1 Britannia Trust revealed that construction is due to begin next year and the finished yacht be unveiled at the 2021 America’s Cup in New Zealand. The build yard has not yet been announced.

The green light comes after years of research and development by the K1 Britannia Trust. The original design will be modified to comply with the J Class Association rules to enable the new yacht to race against the J Class fleet. Alongside its regatta racing, the yacht will also be used to promote a range of charitable causes.

While a designer has not yet been announced, the trust has revealed that the new build will feature an all-aluminium hull and carbon rig.

The new Britannia will race against the J Class fleet Image credit: Shane Couch

The trust says the original lines from GL Watson’s 1893 design will be used as the foundation for the new Britannia’s design, although the modern GL Watson studio does not have any involvement with the project.

K1 Britannia trustee Priya Thirumur said, “The trust’s vision for K1 Britannia is to bring back to life this extraordinary vessel as a truly enduring racing machine and a force for good.”

She added: “As one of the most instantly recognisable classic yachts of all time, the future Britannia will be distinctively equipped for a new era of yachting while also serving as an international flagship for youth initiatives and maritime causes the world over.”