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Video: luxury yacht Bellissima sinks in Hurricane Carlos
2015-06-19By Risa Merl

Video footage has emerged of luxury yacht Belissima taking a beating in Hurricane Carlos before she sank.

In the video below, shot in Acapulco, Mexico, we see the black yacht, Bellissima, on her side and in danger of sinking as she gets struck by wave after wave in the storm.

The luxury yacht doesn’t appear to have extra storm lines protecting her from the hurricane’s wrath, and she is easily tossed against the floating dock. A brave onlooker stands on the dock, seemingly assessing what to do and risks putting an extra fender out to protect the yacht.

As can be seen in the photo below, the yacht didn’t survive hurricane Carlos. The photo shows the yacht, with her bow very badly damaged, being salvaged post-hurricane.

The luxury yacht Bellissima sinks in Hurricane Carlos

Mexico City news outlet SDPNoticias reported that the yacht belongs to Mexican politician, artist and former boxer Jorge Kahwagi. The Mexican papers also say the yacht is believed to be valued at $11 million pesos or about £450,000.

A Category 1 hurricane, and the third named storm of the season, Hurricane Carlos made landfall on the southwest Mexico coastline and caused chaos, battering yachts in the area.



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