VPLP Design reveals 46m Aperio catamaran concept

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VPLP Design reveals 46m Aperio catamaran concept

4 October 2022• Written by Holly Overton

VPLP Design, a French naval architectural firm, has revealed designs for a radical 46 metre catamaran concept named Aperio.

The aluminium concept was born from a collaboration between VPLP Design and Patrick Le Quément and takes inspiration from both the natural and technical world.

Its name, Aperio, comes from the Latin to mean 'to reveal' and is based on the yacht’s ability to serve as both a powerful sailing vessel underway and a 'seaborne resort' at anchor where guests can live and work.

Portions of the hull fold down to increase the total living space on board

At anchor, the concept becomes a floating island with bulwarks that fold down to extend its living area. A hidden portion of the aft deck lowers to water level to create a Venetian-style bridge between the two hulls without hindering access to either level. Meanwhile, side decks are created thanks to folding sections of the hull that open up the interior and offer dining, a gym and any manner of amenity at water level.

The top deck is open and flush and creates a vast living area beneath a skylight, which takes its inspiration from the aquatic world, more specifically the manta ray with its wing-like fins. Accommodation is for up to 10 guests and the cabins, while isolated from one another, remain connected through this central shared space.

Twin wing sail masts fly a sailplan of 258 square metres and are twice as efficient as a traditional rig. Fully automated, the Aperio concept can be sailed with minimal crew, allowing the remaining crew to focus on guest service and less on the technical side. When not in use, the sails concertina down.

The concept takes inspiration from the lines of a mantaray

The Aperio concept will be powered by a hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system for silent sailing and is finished in a sea green hull paint. Other key figures include an 18.35 metre beam and a 1.75 metre draft for accessing shallow harbours and quiet anchorages closer to shore.

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