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Yacht security heightened at Cannes Film Festival
2015-05-15By Risa Merl

After a high-end jewellery heist in Cannes last week, officials are ramping up security in the port to protect the superyachts on hand for the Cannes Film Festival.

Among the eight types of yachts you'll find at Cannes are some of the most expensive and largest yachts in the world. Yachts have been arriving in Cannes in droves for the film fest festivities. Red carpet security at the film festival itself has also been beefed up as well.

Of course, the yachts often steal the show away from the red carpet, hosting spectacular celebrity-laden parties. Keeping the guest list strictly VIP and making sure only vetted individuals are allowed on board is only part of the security issue.

Yachts docked in Cannes

According to yacht security expert David Goldie of Akula Yachts, captains and yacht owners need to be more aware of in-port security – whether during a major event such as the Cannes film festival or not.

“On some larger yachts, you can walk up at 2 a.m. and the only security you’d see is a sign”, says David Goldie. “If captains and owners think a ‘no entry, private vessel’ sign is the only security they require, they don’t realise they are creating a bigger target – basically advertising that no one on board has taken obvious security measures”.

He recommends using visible deterrence at all times, showing any would-be criminal culprits that, “you’re security aware, as it will divert attention elsewhere”, Goldie says.



Couach Yachts |  37 m |  12 guests |  €3,500,000


Feadship |  44.65 m |  10 guests |  €19,900,000


Heesen Yachts |  55 m |  12 guests |  €26,000,000