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More than 90 superyachts celebrate the new year in St Barths

5 January 2022


The island of St Barths has long been the go-to for owners looking to celebrate the New Year in style, and, after a lull in 2020/21, the superyacht fleet returned in force as the clock ticked over into 2022.

According to data provided by BOAT Pro's Global Fleet Tracker, there were 93 yachts over 24 metres in length that celebrated the start of 2022 moored off the Western coastline of St Barths - an increase of 15 from the previous year.

With numbers bouncing back to pre-pandemic figures, some of the biggest vessels to drop anchor this year include the 165 metre Blohm + Voss superyacht Eclipse, Feadship's 99 metre Moonrise, and the Bremer Vulkan superyacht Le Grand Bleu.

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Elsewhere, the 80 metre Abeking and Rasmussen superyacht Excellence, owned by Herb Chambers, and the Ulstein Verft-built Olivia O, stood out among the rest for the unique design of their bows.

Read More/Step on board the 80m Abeking & Rasmussen superyacht Excellence
Credit: Julien Hubert

As well as some classic yachts, such as the newly refitted Nero and Christina O, the island also welcomed a number of newcomers. The 38.15 metre Emocean was delivered in 2021 and is the first fruit of the Italian shipyard Rosetti Superyachts. Resilence, another newcomer, was delivered in 2021 by ISA Yachts and has remained relatively secretive since hitting the water.

Credit: Feadship

Naturally, many owners were accompanied by a flock of glitterati with famous faces such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Jeff Bezos spotted relaxing on board.

The 20 largest yachts in St Barths for the new year

  1. Eclipse, 162.5m
  2. Le Grand Bleu, 112.8m
  3. Moonrise, 99.95m
  4. Christina O, 99.15m
  5. Vava II, 96m
  6. Kismet, 95.2m
  7. Tranquility, 91.5m
  8. Nero, 90.1m
  9. Olivia O, 88.5m
  10. Chakra, 86m
  11. Excellence, 79.95m
  12. Lady Jorgia, 74m
  13. Siren, 73.5m
  14. Planet Nine, 73.2m
  15. Odessa, 73m
  16. Titania, 72m
  17. Arbema, 72m
  18. Joy, 70m
  19. Soaring, 68.2m
  20. Sycara V, 68.15m

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