Creative Q&A: Tommaso Spadolini

30 May 2019 • Written by Miranda Blazeby

In this instalment of our designer Q&A series, we profile Italian designer Tommaso Spadolini on the inspiring city of Florence and designing the fastest yacht in the world.

Source of inspiration?

My personal background – I was born and raised in a family of architects and painters. Florence, the wonderful city in which I live, and my passion for sailing - my long cruises and regattas allow me to find elements and ideas that I later revise in design.

Toughest project?

Fortuna, the yacht designed and built for the King of Spain. Together with Donald Blount, who developed the hull, we worked in a wind tunnel in order to reach the project speed of 75 knots. It is the fastest yacht in the world even now.

Spadolini at his studio in Florence

Your big break?

My first realised project was for the Barberis yard, for which I designed the interiors.

Favourite yacht you designed?

Fortuna is still my favourite.

Most admired yacht designer?

I follow the designers that took their first steps in my studio.

Florence based Tommaso Spadolini says he draws inspiration from the city in which he lives. Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Favourite yacht design?

The explorer concept – a yacht conceived and realised to make long journeys and face any weather condition.

Favourite furniture designer?

I recently collaborated with Peter Marino Studio PMA whose great innovativeness applies to yachting interior design.

Favourite building?

I am fascinated by the Sydney Opera House and the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

Spadolini designed the fastest yacht in the world, Fortuna.
Photo courtesy of Tommaso Spadolini

Ultimate design fantasy?

A motor trimaran with ecologic technology.

If you weren’t a yacht designer?

I’d be an architect. Or I would have like to have designed a vintage scooter, or maybe a coffee machine or a vintage record player – why not?

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