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‘It’s all About Energy and Being Efficient’, says Rob Moran

11 May 2020

Modern superyacht owners are pushing for their yachts to be as "environmentally perfect" as possible, according to Rob Moran, president of Moran Yacht & Ship.

Speaking during the 10th episode of At Home With BOAT, Moran said that yacht owners are much more considerate now than they used to be. “Years ago you would look over the side of the boat and see a trail of unburnt fuel in the water and spots of oil”. Nowadays, he said, “most yacht owners would be mortified.”

“They are so conscious and want everything to be environmentally perfect. They want to go into anchorages and not leave a footprint of any sort." As a result, current innovations in yacht design are often geared towards emissions and the environment. "It's all about energy and being efficient."

In the episode, Moran also talks about what the coronavirus pandemic means for business. Looking out over the waterways that back his Fort Lauderdale home, he said, “The one thing that's open is the water. It’s a boat parade every day. I’ve never seen so many boats in my life”.

Shedding a positive light on the brokerage market, he believes now is a great time for those looking to buy a boat, with more opportunities and deals available than before. “I’ve seen lots of ups and downs in 31 years. For me this is just another event that we’ll get through."

In terms of charter, Moran is advising his clients to take their boats to the Med despite the pandemic, confident that charters will be able to resume for the tail end of the Mediterranean season. “If it [COVID-19) has retreated as we hope, we think that this year July, August, September and October are going to be good charter months.”

Rob Moran was a captain for 15 years, including on 38.7 metre Excellence, once owned by Herb Chambers.

Rob Moran started Moran Yacht & Ship in 1988 after working as a captain for 15 years, including on board the 38.7 metre Feadship Excellence (now named Miss Iloilo), once owned by Herb Chambers. “We used to pull into places on that boat and there would be hundreds of people standing on the dock watching,” he said. “It was an event to see such a big yacht. Nowadays – it’s nothing.

“It just shows you where the yachting business has come from and where it is today.”

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