Superyacht charter success

29 January 2015 • Written by Chris Caswell
Great yacht, great owner, great captain and great crew. All those ingredients must blend together and the result is a charter experience never to be forgotten


A successful charter needs many factors to blend together well. Here, the industry experts reveal what it takes to make an outstanding charter experience for their many repeat clients.

In the world ashore, many almost indefinable qualities turn a place with a bed into a Hotel, one that always exceeds expectations. The same is true on the water: there are charter yachts and Charter Yachts. But what makes that difference? In nearly every case, it's the melding of several high-quality aspects.

If all the ingredients are perfectly in tune, the charter will be a success
The crew have the ability to make or break the charter Bugsy Gedlek
Excellent service is key to an excellent charter Marc Paris

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