Charter a superyacht in Malta

22 January 2015

Malta yacht charter

The Maltese archipelago is made up of three main islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino. These islands have long been at an international crossroads – lying between Sicily and North Africa where the western Mediterranean meets the east.

The weather is some of the hottest and sunniest in Europe making it a popular tourist destination. Although there is not a huge array of beaches, exploring by charter yacht will take you to all the best coves and bays; the water is very clear and very warm (peaking at 26°C in summer) so this is a great spot for divers.

Malta has the biggest array of shops, bars and restaurants, as well as one or two spots with exuberant nightlife. The old citadels of Valetta and Mdina are fascinating to visit: Valetta is still a living vibrant city, with pedestrianised shopping streets and bars.

Camino Blue Lagoon. photo: Adobestock

Mdina is the old capital – now known as the Silent City – with a fabulous Knights of St John cathedral housing Caravaggios and other treasures. Several marinas are tucked safely in the amazing natural harbour here – all the better for exploring inland.

Gozo is Malta’s sleepy sibling, and popular with more mature European travellers for its relative peace, the preservation of old traditions and lack of modern development; most building are still made of natural stone as opposed to concrete.

Comino is the smallest inhabited island - with just 4 permanent residents! There is also a hotel - but most visitors are day trippers, attracted by the diving and the famous Blue Lagoon.

This is busy with daytrippers from 10am until 4pm, before and after which those lucky enough to have their own yacht have the place almost to themselves... A boat also allows you to head to the less busy green Crystal Lagoon which is surrounded by cliffs.

Hottest Harbours

Valetta: Malta’s huge natural harbour is barely visible from the sea – this is one of the world’s great harbour entrances – with ancient castle and fortresses hewn from golden rock guarding it jealously as they have for millennia.

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