4 destinations visited by Grace E on her tour of Great Britain and Ireland


Darthaven Marina, Devon

While a number of superyachts have ventured to Scotland over the past year it is still unusual to spot many around Britain and Ireland’s coastline. However, 73 metre Grace E has bucked the trend this summer and has been spotted in various locations around the UK. She is now thought to be making her way back to the Mediterranean but here we look at some of the stop offs she has made during her time in Britain and Ireland.

1. Darthaven Marina, Devon

She was first pictured in England when she moored at Darthaven Marina on June 28. This was not the first time that a superyacht has visited Darthaven Marina as 91 metre Lady Lara stopped off there last November to wait for bad weather to pass before crossing the Atlantic.

Grace E only made a brief stop at the marina before heading onto Falmouth — a great base for exploring Cornwall by superyacht.

Picture courtesy of Darthaven Marina/Facebook.com



Grace E caused quite a commotion when she arrived in London at the end of June. She was pictured making her way up the Thames before mooring in West India Dock on the Isle of Dogs for several weeks. Grace E is available for charter with Burgess but it is believed she was in London at the request of her owner.

Picture courtesy of @cfinny/Twitter and ed.wiseman/Instagram


destinations visited by Grace E on her tour of Great Britain and Ireland

Grace E was also spotted standing out from the crowd in the traditional British sailing yacht hub of Cowes. She is pictured here next to classic trading ketch Bessie Ellen. Built in 1904 the historic vessel now operates as a charter yacht offering a hands on experience for guests at sea. With 20 crew, life on board for guests of Grace E is undoubtedly a little more luxurious.



Grace E also made the trip across the Irish Sea and is pictured here at Kinsale Marina in Country Cork. This was not her only Irish stop off as Grace E was also spotted in Belfast, Galway and near Kilrush in County Clare. While in County Clare guests were spotted being taken ashore by tender to play golf at the Kilrush Golf Club. Grace E then returned to Kinsale before making her way towards Gibraltar.

Picture courtesy of Kinsale Marina/Facebook.com