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The Best Beaches in Sardinia to Visit by Superyacht

17 September 2020

Since Italy has reopened its borders for tourism, now is the time to plan a post-coronavirus superyacht holiday or charter cruise around Sardinia. As a popular summer beach destination in the Mediterranean, it can be hard to find a private retreat on the island that's far away from the crowds, but we've discovered the best and most beautiful Sardinia beaches to visit by superyacht - some of which are only accessible by boat.

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La Pelosa

Arriving via superyacht to the island of Sardinia from either the South of France or Italy is like arriving in a totally different continent. Sardinia is as close to the shores of North Africa as it is to Italy giving way for beautiful wild beaches. In the north of the island lies La Pelosa. This piece of paradise is found just before the rugged and wild Capo Falcone, where a craggy coastline is met with the open seas of the Med. La Pelosa though, is a perfect contradiction to this and offers transparent, calm waters lapping the white sand shore. It is a great spot for an anchorage too due to its protected position. This beach can get very busy in the height of summer but it is well worth the visit - there's also Al Saraceno Hotel and Restaurant nearby serving a mix of seafood and traditional Italian Pizza’s and pastas.

Activities at La Pelosa

Rent canoes, windsurfs and snorkeling equipment. Visit the Roccaruja Diving Center, and head out for an afternoon scuba diving session.

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Su Giudeu

This stunning beach is a popular haunt for surfers. Located on the southern most tip of Sardinia, this vast expanse of yellow sand beach attracts a younger, active crowd. Apart from the cool kids looking to catch the next big wave there is also a number of reefs found not too far from the water’s surface; so grab the snorkel gear and take a look at the colourful underwater world.

The backdrop to the beach is a number of lagoons and grazing areas where a flock of flamingoes have chosen to set-up camp. This makes for an excellent photo opportunity.

On the beach, it’s all about topping up the tan, so unfortunately no shady spots. If this is what you seek make sure to ask the captain and crew to bring a few umbrellas over for you.

Activities at Su Giudeu

Behind the dunes and lagoons find the Chia 18-hole golf course along with several restaurants and bars.

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Punta Molentis

Located near the village of Villasimius in the south of Sardinia, Punta Molentis beach is rarely packed, even in the height of summer. This means that its perfect for getting away from the hustle and bustle in the north of the island. Here, emerald waters lap the white beach, all to a backdrop of sheer cliffs, dotted with lush green plants. The curved shape of the beach also keeps it sheltered from the wind and rough seas. 

It is considered one of the most romantic beaches in the country for enjoying some alone time. If you are interested in visiting the wider region after, then don't miss our guide to seven days on a superyacht in Sardinia.

Activities at Punta Molentis

For sunset drinks, there's a bar on the beach and water toys can also be rented for spending time on the water. After a short hike up one of the hills behind the beach, you'll also find the ruins of a historic tower (known as a nuraghe) after which the beach is named. 

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Cala Luna

Cala Luna beach offers pristine white sand backed by stunning limestone cliffs. South of the yachting hub of Porto Cervo, one can spend a couple of days slowly cruising down the coast via Porto Rotondo.

Located south of Cala Gonone, this stunning beach is accessible only by boat or via a four kilometre hike. This makes the spot quieter than some of the other popular beaches nearby. If it is busy when you arrive, then simply anchor further out and take in the impressive cliffs, covered by blooming oleanders, from afar while remaining in the privacy and comfort of your superyacht.

Activties at Cala Luna

The distinctively shaped Cala Luna, or “moon cove”, has long been popular with visiting Italian families and the clear turquoise waters that lap the beach make it a great area for snorkelling.

Imagery courtesy of Unsplash.

Cala Goloritzé

Another beauty spot only accessible by foot or boat, the seriously photogenic beach of Cala Goloritzé is very rarely crowded by visitors. Located near the commune of Baunei in eastern Sardinia, visitors will find waters in a striking shade of aquamarine blue that are also perfectly clear for snorkelling. 

The distinctive shape of the cove, which features a 143 metre high cliff face that overlooks the white sand below, was create by a landslide in the 1960s. Despite measuring only 200 metres in length, this petite beach is considered a national mounment on the island and was even created a UNESCO world Heritage site back in 1995.

Activties at Cala Goloritzé

If you're arriving by foot, the hike to Cala Goloritzé beach takes a little over an hour and will give you plenty of opportunities to admire the vistas. Snorkelling is a must here, as the clairty of the water gives you a good chance of seeing the bottom of the sea bed and spotting some mediterranean fishes.

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