5 of the best luxury nature and eco resorts

Alphonse Island


Sometimes it can be tough to unwind knowing that you might be having a negative impact on the environment. Stay green on your next vacation away from your superyacht by heading to these eco-friendly resorts in some of the world’s most beautiful coastal locations.

1. Alphonse Island

Located 400km south of the largest Seychelles island Mahe, Alphonse is a tiny island teeming with animal and plant life.

A bucket list destination for fly fishermen from all over the world, it operates a strict ‘catch and release’ policy to help protect the natural fish species while all marine life caught for consumption on the island is done strictly through sustainable line fishing. Half the island – which is just 4km in circumference – has also been left untouched to encourage the indigenous bird colonies, giant tortoise families and tropical vegetation to thrive.

Visitors can enjoy this paradise with a cycling tour led by a member of the Island Development Company, a quasi-government organisation set up to help preserve the natural ecology of the Seychelles, which has a permanent base on Alphonse.

Six Senses Laamu


Keen to protect the island and surrounding reefs, Six Senses Laamu has a resident marine biologist to educate visitors before diving and other scientists are employed to monitor the eco-system regularly.

Throughout the resort there are thoughtful hints at green living; guests are given reusable glass water bottles instead of plastic, there’s minimal packaging on imports and even the printing paper is eco-labelled. Out of sight, there’s composting, recycling and alternative water filtering and heating systems to keep the resort’s carbon footprint to a minimum. As a result, the resort was nominated for the Responsible Business Award at The Ocean Awards 2016.

In the meantime, guests can relax in their paradise-like surroundings by heading to the beachfront spa for a treatment and yoga class, explore the surrounding coral reefs with a spot of diving, or simply sample their favourite desserts at the ice and chocolate studio. Those keener on relaxing with a favourite tipple can stroll over to Sip Sip, the sunken bar and poolside restaurant.

Picture courtesy of Facebook.com / Six Senses Laamu

Ramada Eco Beach Resort


Set in a stunning and remote location in the Kimberley region of Australia, the Ramada Eco Beach resort is a popular escape for nature lovers.

The luxury villas are all run by individual solar panels — any excess power generally is then channelled into the resort’s grid for alternative use. Additionally, all waste water is reused on the surrounding environment and only native plants are used on site in order to avoid unnecessary water wastage.

Furthermore, all the villas are connected by more than a kilometre of elevated wooden decking, so that the local ecosystem is not harmed.

The property is 70% self-sustainable and has won multiple awards in recent years. With pristine beaches, gorgeous ocean views, luxurious accommodation, a beautiful spa and plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained, this resort is definitely one for the eco bucket list.

Picture courtesy of Facebook.com / Elyce Rodda

Star Island


On completion, Star Island will boast the title of being the first off-grid sustainable island destination to open in the Bahamas and will use an array of alternative energy sources, including solar, wind and hydro systems on site.

The island’s carefully curated technology provides the resort with its own drinking water, power and organic food for guests. Offering a range of sustainable accommodation from cabanas and bungalows to treehouses and villas, each has plenty of space to enjoy the outdoors and doesn’t sacrifice on modern day luxuries.

Star Island offers a unique dining experience as all the fresh produce is sourced from its organic and hydroponic gardens, complete with herbs, fruit and vegetables. Currently, the resort is only open for day trips and private events at the Bar & Grill restaurant, but eco-warriors are hotly anticipating the opening of the first Star Island luxury bungalow, which is set for May 2017.

Picture courtesy of Facebook.com / Star Island Bahamas

Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort


Founded by the son of Jacques Cousteau, this Fijian resort boasts eco-credentials which would make the famous explorer proud. Jean-Michel, a pioneer of ocean conservation, opened the resort in order to prove the benefits of environmentally friendly design and ecological tourism. There are a number of initiatives currently underway at the Fijian resort, such as the giant clam project, which is working to restock and repopulate clams in the area and protects them from excessive harvesting.

Additionally, local corals that have broken due to natural causes are collected and rehomed in a subaquatic farm — just one of the cool ways scientists are working to protect coral. Furthermore, a program for the reforestation of mangrove trees along the coastline has been implemented.

In the resort guests will find low voltage light bulbs, water efficient bathrooms, motion sensors for lighting and will benefit from a comprehensive water filtration system. The resort also recycles as many materials as possible, sending them to recycling plants on the main island of Fiji, nearly 130 kilometres away.

Guests can enjoy a variety of luxury bures or the presidential villa, which has a private deck and infinity pool, Jacuzzi and plenty of luxurious additions, including a treatment at the beach resort spa. They will also indulge in a delectable menu designed using seasonal ingredients from the local area, Fiji and the resort's organic garden.

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