Superyachts welcomed back to Fiji after Cyclone Winston

15 March 2016 • Written by Sophia Heath

Superyachts are being urged to visit Fiji despite the island being damaged by Cyclone Winston last month (February 20).

Cyclone Winston caused significant damage when it hit the archipelago — killing 29 people and forcing more than 8,000 to leave their homes. The torrential rain, 12 metre waves and 200 mph winds also caused numerous boats to be washed ashore.

Luxury yachts are being urged to visit Fiji this season Picture courtesy of

After Cyclone Winston YachtAid Global asked for help from superyachts in the surrounding area to bring supplies and help provide fresh water. Superyacht Private Expeditions and Asia Pacific Superyachts are now urging superyachts to return to the country to help boost tourism in the region.

“Even though a terrible disaster happened and that its consequences should not be dimmed, it needs to be highlighted that the hurricane only hit a few parts of the country (about 10%) and that most of the Fiji islands haven't been damaged and remain as beautiful as ever,” said a joint-statement from the firms.

“Fiji is a very special country to visit in the South Pacific. This season, yachts will be able to cruise there in all safety surrounded by beautiful scenery and friendly people.”

Fiji is known for having some of the world’s best dives and the two firms have also reiterated that “quality of the dives and snorkeling is not affected in most places”.

Fiji has been enjoying a superyacht boom with more than 56 luxury yachts visiting the country in 2014. Figures from last year are yet to be released but some of the world’s coolest superyachts were spotted there, including 140 metre Ocean Victory.

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