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Jaroslav Prošek: A Passionate Artist With The Sea At Heart

29 April 2020

With a passion for creating unique sculptures, Prošek – who was selected as one of the best 100 artists of Europe by the Michael Angelo Foundation - has long been admired and sought after by yacht owners to adorn their yachts. The diversity in his designs and the material he uses, allows him to appeal to the different tastes of art lovers. We take a closer look at the artist behind our beautiful carved crystal Ocean Awards trophies...

Who is Jaroslav Prošek?

Born on 25 of May 1986 in Beroun, The Czech Republic, Jaroslav Prošek is a young Czech glass artist who lives and works in Česká Lípa in Northern Bohemia, in the heart of Czech glass industry. He designs and creates unique sculptures in glass, wood, bronze and other material.

Prošek is an artist who loved art during his childhood polishing it with education and practice. After secondary school he worked in the technical departments of big Czech glass factories where he improved his manual and technical. He had the opportunity to learn basic skills at Vlastimil Beránek’s and Jan Frydrych’s ateliers. Their influence to Prošek’s work is obvious.

How did Jaroslav Prošek get into sculpting?

Prošek‘s journey to the world of glass art took time and when he started working at Crystal Caviar - a small company producing luxury chandeliers and glass sculptures - he realized that it takes more than skilled craftsmanship and best material to produce an aesthetically first-class art. He then set forth to make his first designs of glass sculptures experimenting and influenced by his mentors Beranek and Frydrych.

Prošek uses several techniques to create his sculptures: from melting into moulds to grinding and engraving. Inspirations for his sculptures come from practically everything that touches his creative mind. Nature, the sea and the world of yachting are just a few.

As a prolific glass artist, Prošek has already built a sizeable reputation in the yachting world worldwide along with art collectors. To find out more about Prošek, visit Jaroslavprosek.com

The Blue Ocean awards 2019 sculpture designed by Prošek.

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