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Credit: Tom Van Oossanen

6 of the coolest amphibious vehicles

16 February 2022

What's more exciting - zipping at high speeds across a calm sea or zooming down a motorway in a supercar? With these six amphibious vehicles you can enjoy the best of both worlds....

Iguana Knight

Billed as the “luxurious amphibious RIB”, the 9.4 metre Iguana Knight features every bell and whistle. There’s surround sound, touchscreen electronics and high-end upholstery – it even comes in five colour options. The 12-guest boat also features Iguana Yachts’ trademark tank-like treads, which retract on water for an 88km/h top speed. iguana-yachts.com


If you’re planning a serious adventure, you’ll need a serious ATV – and the BigBo delivers. This five-seater takes on the roughest terrain with easy controls and pneumatic suspension – it also swims thanks to wheels that act as floats. You can find one on board converted explorer Ragnar. russian-suv.com

Electric Sealegs E4

The 7.3 metre, six-passenger Electric Sealegs E4 can hit 10km/h on land (thanks to retractable wheels) and 40 knots on water. The new electric set-up offers quiet running, 1.5 hours of drive time on land and integrated mains charging. sealegs.com

Amphibious 8.4m

This amphibious RIB from Ocean Craft Marine features an optimised deep V hull in fibreglass for smooth, dry rides up to 80km/h. Four independently motorised and steerable wheels get it up on the beach and the boat can carry up to 15 people on the water. oceancraftmarine.com

Z-Triton 2.0

This vessel pretty much covers all the bases one could want from an active holiday, acting as a campervan, a tender and an electric-powered bike. Sleeping two people, the Amphibious Camper-Trike features an integrated solar roof panel that helps power the vessel when in the water. It even comes with a pot for your favourite plant. z-triton.com

The Panther

A cross between a supercar and a tender, The Panther's exterior resembles a Jeep CJ-8 while featuring a 3.7 litre V6 engine. When on the water, the vehicle deploys a jet boat drive with its retractable wheels and fibreglass hull able to reach speeds of 40 knots. This model can go from land to water at 15mph so the "good-time" drivers out don't need to fear the loss of too much momentum. watercar.com

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