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The Best Christmas Candles for 2019

19 December 2019 • Written by Kelly Sullivan

Given the time of year, it's time to switch out your everyday candles for something more festive. Make your superyacht or home that little bit more festive with candles that evoke the smells of Christmas.

Jo Loves Christmas Trees

You know Christmas has truly begun once you've decorated your tree and the smell of fresh pines fills the halls. If you've not got a tree, replicate the joys with Jo Loves Christmas Tree candle with added lavender to make it even more soothing. Crisp and refreshing, this is a light and enticing scent that captures the smells of Christmas often forgotten in all the cinnamon and spice.


Victoria Cator

A beautiful candle from Victoria Cator, and one worthy to deck the halls of your superyacht.

Santa Baby is a candle evocative of Christmas wreaths and bright winter mornings. With gentle citrus notes from the orange and fresh pine, it's a warming, cosy candle that's perfect for a cosy Christmas indoors.


ESPA Winter Spice

We love how unsuspecting this candle is from ESPA. A captured scent of cold winter evenings and cups of mulled wine. Befitting of the brand, it's the kind kind of festive scent you would expect to come across at a spa- not too overpowering yet soothing. As it burns it delivers heady notes of cinnamon and clove for a delicately spiced scent.

The Winter Spice candle has been hand poured and formulated from only essential oils, promising up to 40 hours of burn time from the get-go.


Molton Brown

A Christmas scent without the spice, this Molton Brown Bizarre Brandy candle is masculine and festive all at once, with notes of tobacco, brandy and cedarwood undercut with notes of orange. If you're a fan of Molton Brown scents, you'll be a fan of this one.


Ashley & Co

The Caroler is this year's festive offering from Ashley & Co that has a mellow and comforting scent. It is more musky and fruity, for those who don't like spiced candles. The scent is fresh and light, great for small spaces without smelling too heavy. These lovely candles have been hand poured and come presented in a glass Ashley & Co jar.



A smell reminiscent of a crisp Christmas morning, one that exudes silence and peace with the delicate smells of frosted leaves and chipped bark. This Perfect Peace candle from NEOM is one you want to cosy up next to not for warmth but for comfort. It sparks nostalgia for the peak of winter and the smells we often forget in the warmer months.


Petit Rituels

This By The Fire candle from Petit Rituels is the archetype of Christmas candles from its traditional cinnamon and clove scent that gives off plenty of festive cheer, there's a strong smell of orange to complement. If you want an instant hit of festive scent, then this is a great candle to consider.

Made using hand-poured, natural wax and essential oils, it comes beautifully presented in a frosted glass.


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