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Take on the elements with Spradling's superyacht textiles

4 April 2018

From humble beginnings operating out of its first facility in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1964, Spradling has grown into an international group of companies offering quality coated fabrics for the marine and contract markets. With three distribution facilities in Europe (Spain, Germany, UK) and eight more operations in North and Latin America, the company is now able to support a diverse range of clients in more than 75 countries around the world.

Unlike many other commonly used interior and exterior textiles, Spradling’s coated fabrics are able to withstand even the harshest marine environments. High performance protective finishes ensure the material is resistant to ultraviolet light, preventing fading of the fabric, an essential quality for upholstery and cushions on deck. The same technical finish also inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew that can occur in high-humidity and seafaring environments. On a practical everyday level, the same coating prevents the material from getting stained and allows for easy cleaning should spillages occur. Unlike traditional fabric or leather, coated fabrics can offer a longer lifespan; they are resistant to scratches, tears and other damage and durable enough to withstand long-term use. Essentially, they are the perfect solution for superyachts.

The Surfaces collection

Although coated fabrics might once have had a reputation for being somewhat uninspiring, Spradling proves that this is no longer the case. The company offers a huge choice of designs, textures and colourways to suit a range of interior aesthetics. From the leather-like look of the Dolce collection, to the refined appearance of the Hitch with its distinctive woven structure, to the well known Silvertex collection, now available in 60 shades, there’s a vast array of designs and colours to choose from. The coated fabrics manufacturer uses a variety of different printing techniques, including state-of-the-art digital printing and a method that uses layering of translucent colours for a subtle, sophisticated sheen. Special in-house engraving techniques allow Spradling to replicate almost any conceivable texture and offer completely customised solutions.

To service the pleasure boating and superyacht industry even further, Spradling has developed a targeted collection of coated fabrics carefully designed and engineered to cover all manner of interior surfaces on board a superyacht. The Surfaces collection includes a broad selection of coated fabrics in more than 200 colours and over 20 varying textures. The textiles are versatile and can cover seating, upholstery, headboards, bed frames, dashboards, consoles, walls, steering wheels and more interior features used in marine interior design.

Hitch coated fabric applied to wall panels

While the Surfaces collection may be created for the yachting world, superyacht owners and designers are by no means limited to this range. Spradling will endeavour to find the best solution for the client, offering customised design proposals using its coated fabrics. Thanks to a special high-frequency welding technique, Spradling can create 20 alternative patterns on the coated fabric. This results in more than 5,000 mix and match solutions for covering interior and exterior spaces.

Spradling prides itself on its progressive approach. By monitoring customer demand and keeping abreast of trends in design – not just in the contract and marine markets but also in the residential arena – Spradling is able to offer innovative and distinctive solutions that are otherwise unavailable in the market. Spradling’s mission is to become the most trusted supplier of coated fabrics and upholstery globally, and it certainly appears that the company is well on its way.

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