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Turning heads: Bumat puts a spin on superyacht luxury

21 March 2018

Bumat is the world’s leading manufacturer of rotating structures, from revolving car turntables or platforms in exhibitions, theatres or at events, to bespoke kinetic constructions such as revolving rooms in private residences, reactive seating in cinemas and rotating sun loungers on a superyacht. Quite simply, if you’re requiring something to move, Bumat can make it happen, supplying bespoke constructions for linear, rotational, lifting or lowering movement, or any combination of these.

Founded in 1948, Bumat Bewegungssysteme is now a third-generation family business. From its headquarters in Hockenheim, in the Baden-Württemberg region of Germany, the company has worked on more than 9,000 projects over the past 70 years. With its foundations in car turntables, the company has completed multiple projects for Rolls-Royce, McLaren, Bentley, Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and VW. However, Bumat’s turntables are also used to revolve theatres and audiences – with vibrating floors and moving stages – provide rotations for photography and film sets, rotate airplanes and trucks (platforms can carry weights up to 700 tonnes), create rotating spas or beds and set entire restaurants in motion.

A revolving turntable for BMW

In the residential arena, perhaps the most exciting application of Bumat’s product has been for a private home in Tehran. Inspired by an ancient Persian building tradition where different rooms would be created for summer and winter seasons, there is a rotating “room within a room” construction across three floors of the building, enabling each room to be rotated 90 degrees inside or outside, depending on the weather. The process of switching the arrangement takes just two minutes and can turn the property from a summer residence into a winter residence. Bumat is the only company globally to have achieved this level of technicality in kinetic architecture.

So how can Bumat help with your superyacht? As well as offering state-of-the-art kinetic mechanisms for your onboard cinema, the company can create some interesting additions to your owner’s lounge or sundeck.

The rotating rooms in a private home in Tehran

Previous projects have included an electrically rotating sofa, which can turn from one to two sofas in just seven seconds and rotates 360 degrees for individual positioning. The sofa can include a power supply, a USB charging device, be linked to media interfaces or building automation systems, and include programmable logic control or frequency based speed control.

Another superyacht project involved the creation of an electrically rotating sun lounger, capable of rotating 360 degrees to ensure the optimum position for sunbathing or relaxation; it also features a motor-driven canopy. Technical options for the sunbed can include GPS control, with intelligent alignment to the sun, an integrated Bluetooth controlled speaker and cooling via an atomised water spray. It can also be integrated with onboard systems such as KNX, Creston or Lutron.

A rotating sofa

On every project, an experienced team of mechanical engineers develop and design the equipment according to exact customer requirements, with engineering based on 3D computer-aided design. Since 2010, Bumat has offered a new generation of “smart turntable”, offering control through remote control, touch panel, or programmable logic, or by a notebook or smartphone app. Turntables can also transmit video, audio, DMX, LAN and PROFIBUS signals. All turntables are made in Germany and can be rented as well as bought.

With any technical product, after-sales service is key. Bumat guarantees worldwide support from its dedicated installation and service technicians. Whatever your vision for your superyacht, Bumat can set the plan in motion.


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