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Interiors notebook: Filippo Ricci shares the Stefano Ricci interior design ethos
2017-06-30By As told to Zoe Dickens

Filippo Ricci, creative director of luxury Italian brand Stefano Ricci, shares the company's ethos on opulent interior design and why, especially when it comes to yachts, less is more...

All our stores were designed using the same stone, walnut and alligator. Customers kept saying “I love your shops, I want you to design my home” so eventually we did. Yachts were the natural progression.

For us, it’s all about quality. We’ve used the same signature materials for our yacht interiors, land interiors and clothing for 20 years because they’re the best and we will never compromise on that.

Poggio ai Segugi, the Ricci estate in Tuscany

Light is life. The more of the outside world you can see from your home or your yacht the better. It makes the inside seem so much bigger. I’m not a fan of standing lamps on yachts though – integrated lighting is much softer and more modern.

We work with architects and shipyards all over the world but, of course, we love the Italians most. The beautiful lines of a Perini Navi make you proud to be Italian and there’s no backdrop like the Florentine hills for a spectacular home.

Stefano Ricci excels in bespoke interiors

We’ve created everything from a single custom accessory to full yacht and home interiors. We have silk looms from the 1700s that we use to create unique fabrics and everything can be personalised. Owners always have brilliant ideas for customisation.

Spacious homes can handle opulence but trying to do too much can penalise a yacht interior. I’m not a minimalist but even on a large yacht dark colours and heavy furniture can feel claustrophobic.