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The best foiling water toys for your toybox

7 December 2023 • Written by Risa Merl

If you're looking to upgrade your yacht's toy box, you will want to invest in a foiling water toy. There are plenty to choose from, including electric surfboards, seated hydrofoiling watercraft and foiling bicycles. BOAT rounds up some of the best...

Fliteboard Flitescooter

The new offering from Australian brand Fliteboard democratises the foiling board, making it easy for everyone to feel the thrill of flying over the water. Stationary handlebars provide balance so that even beginners can learn how to use the board in minutes. It’s also a quiet and more eco-conscious alternative to a jet ski.

Electro Nautic WaveFlyer

Why foil alone when you can fly above the water with a friend? The WaveFlyer is an auto-stabilising, semi-autonomous, electric hydrofoiling watercraft that seats two. Powered by twin electric motors, the craft is perfect for environmentally friendly exploration because it’s nearly silent and produces zero wake and no emissions.

Manta5 Hydrofoiler SL3

With a hydrofoiling bike, the water becomes your road. Manta5 turned heads with its original foiling electric bike, but its new SL3 promises to be a game changer, cutting the average learning curve down from three hours to just 40 minutes. An easy-mount chassis, pitch-perfect tiller and throttle-only launch (no pedalling needed to start) mean it’s easy to hit the open waterway.

Awake Rävik S

Dubbed the “most extreme electric surfboard in the world”, the Rävik S by Awake is designed for experienced riders who want to go faster and jump higher than ever before. High torque means the board can go from zero to 50km/h in less than four seconds. Increased power pairs with robust construction and reinforced inserts to keep surfers riding high.

Sea-Doo Rise

A brand synonymous with personal watercraft, Sea-Doo has entered the electric foiling board market with the Sea-Doo Rise. A pop-up handle can be fixed at different angles, allowing riders to use the board lying down, kneeling or standing up. Flexibility is also offered in foiling because the board can be used without the foil, or with it partially or fully deployed, transforming the board as the rider gains experience.

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